Published on 26 May 2022

Wellbutrin for Smoking Cessation

Wellbutrin (Bupropion) wellbutrin for smoking cessation
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Approximately 34.3 million people smoke even though it has decreased since the 2000s. According to the CDC (Centres for disease control and prevention) almost 4,80,000 people lost their lives due to smoking in the US within a year.

So, what are the solutions to say Bye for such addictions that take off peace from your smooth living life?

Medicines and Nicotine Replacement Therapies are the best solutions for you to get rid of smoking that harms your health. From different medicines, Wellbutrin is a profound known name in the discussion. Other names for Wellbutrin are denoted as Zyban, Wellbutrin SR, Wellbutrin XL, Aplenzin, Forfivo XL, and Bupropion.

Saviour for your Addictions

Wellbutrin works as a savior for people addicted to smoking by balancing the dopamine levels when nicotine is in a way to leave the body. It belongs to the drug class of antidepressants that work on people suffering from depression or used as off-label medication for helping you to quit smoking.

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and depression are both treated with Wellbutrin. Always check your doctor before taking this drug. Buy Wellbutrin online from a certified online pharmacy.

Let us go through different websites and get to know about their opinion on wellbutrin working for smoking cessation.

It is always necessary to get information from different places whether its websites or by getting information from doctors. Knowledge should be taken from each experience and through different perspectives. Here we are portraying different websites and their views that would help you know whether Wellbutrin can be a better option for smoking cessation.

1- The Checkup by Single Care

A care that a person has to take is shown on Single care website, they have portrayed wellbutrin acting on the addictiveness of smoking in people's life and helping people in a positive way. Health has been a serious factor for everyone to look at and keep it healthy. If you are addicted to smoking, how can that be solved with wellbutrin?

According to The Checkup by Single Care, wellbutrin is not a commonly known generic drug that is used for smoking cessation. The positive effects on the body for people smoking regularly is seen. Working of Wellbutrin on the smoker's body will be totally dependent on different individuals and other factors that can get you off the smoking hook.

Wellbutrin will effectively work on people who smoke more than 10 times a day. You should start taking medicine two weeks prior to your quit date. Once your quit date arrives, wellbutrin will show its effectiveness and make you stop smoking. You can carry on with wellbutrin medication for 6 months for complete withdrawal of smoking.

2- Kaiser Permanente

Not as temporary but permanente solutions have been portrayed in a way that Wellbutrin will lower your cravings for tobacco. Working mechanism of Wellbutrin on your body is not exactly known for smoking in the blog. As compared to Nicotine replacement therapy, Wellbutrin doesn't work that effective for addictions like smoking.

Wellbutrin will help you in withdrawal of the addictiveness. They have given information like, even if there is no depression to the person and wants to quit smoking, Wellbutrin can be a better option. To see quicker results, Kaiser Permanente has advised to use nicotine replacement therapy with Wellbutrin.

Wellbutrin works best when you are dealing to get off from the addictiveness (Cigarettes) you want to purchase. For completely getting off track from smoking you can consume Wellbutrin for 6 months to a year. When on Wellbutrin medication, it has been mentioned about pregnant and breastfeeding ladies that they should not consume Wellbutrin for a better cause.

3- Very well Mind

For the betterment of the very well minds of the people, a website has shown that wellbutrin acts as a Nicotine free medication that is used by people to get off from smoking addiction. It is always necessary to get information before you consume a medicine that helps you in a positive way.

Before knowing the actual reality of the medicine usage, it was only used to treat depression. Later it was observed that people who used to smoke during Wellbutrin medication had stopped smoking and some people lost interest in smoking completely. As time passed by, using nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) with Wellbutrin had shown better results for smoking cessation.

People using both NRT and Wellbutrin together should be in observation by their doctor, because there might be chances of high blood pressure affecting them. Complete understanding of working Wellbutrin on the body is not known but it works on the brain and helps you not get addicted to nicotine. It is advised by Very well mind that you should not consume Wellbutrin if you are discontinuing sedatives abruptly.

4- Pocket Pills

You need a pill in your pocket of Wellbutrin for smoking cessation. It was difficult for smoking cessation before the invention of Wellbutrin. The only source people used to have to get rid of smoking was Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT). It was mentioned that Wellbutrin was the only medication that comes under non-nicotine medicine.

They have observed people quitting smoking after consuming wellbutrin. 1 out of 5 people have completely stopped smoking. Here they have mentioned how Wellbutrin might work on the brain. It states that wellbutrin works by releasing the chemicals that create an anti- addictive behaviour in the brain.

Pocket Pills has suggested that Wellbutrin is the best solution for smoking cessation because it is a non- nicotine based medicine. You should not stop the medication if Wellbutrin has not helped you in the first attempt. Most of the people who smoke need at least 8 to 10 attempts.

5- American Addiction Centre

The American Addiction Centre has clearly stated that Wellbutrin can be used for various conditions such as Depression, Bipolar Disorders, for nicotine withdrawal and cravings. History of the medicine is well portrayed in a way that it was approved by the FDA in 1985 and created in 1966.

As per American Addiction Centre, Wellbutrin has been a successful medicine to help people stop smoking. Only people suffering from depression are not needed to take a prescription of Wellbutrin, whereas anyone who wants to stop quitting can opt for it. Wellbutrin stops the hunger for smoking or use of tobacco. This helps in withdrawal symptoms.

It is advised that, for better results to quit smoking, the person should use Wellbutrin with Nicotine Replacement therapy. Once you are on Wellbutrin medications, the drug acts on the body by stabilising the level of addiction and helping you to stop smoking.

6- Womens Mental Health

For womens mental health during pregnancy especially, it has shown how Wellbutrin can be helpful for people who smoke while pregnancy. Most women quit smoking once they become pregnant, and some prefer smoking for many reasons during pregnancy.

On an average 13% of people who are pregnant smoke in the United States. In the pregnancy process, half people quit smoking in between. Women tend to smoke during pregnancy due to depression issues and mood swings.

A study stated in Womens Mental Health that Wellbutrin can be an option for treating the addictiveness of smoking and getting rid of it. Reason behind choosing Wellbutrin is that, It is a non- nicotine medicine that wont affect much during pregnancy. It was decided on the basis of studies made on animals.

Our Observation; Wellbutrin for smoking cessation.

From all the above mentioned 6 websites, we have come to a conclusion that Wellbutrin works for smoking cessation. In some websites it stated that, wellbutrin can be a better solution for a longer time. Comparatively, other websites have shown, not to just give up on one shot of medicine and decide its working pattern on the body. Some people have observed changes within a few weeks whereas, few people need the medicine for a longer term to act on the addiction.


You will need something to get off from the addiction, and in terms of smoking, Wellbutrin can be a better solution for cessation. In the above mentioned websites, most of the websites have portrayed information that has to be known by a smoker, people who want to smoke or even by the people who want to know about how Well butrin will work on your addiction.

Never be in a hurry to judge a medicine on one go, sometimes wellbutrin might take some extra time to work on your body. Always be cautious to realise and it will make you strong enough to stop smoking.

As far as it's a matter of health, one should never compromise. Wellbutrin helps you the best due to its non-nicotine substance that will make your addictions get off from your daily routine. Wellbutrin will be a game changer if you want to opt for smoking cessation.