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Many people around the world are facing Anxiety. If you see so, 6.8 million American people suffer from such conditions. There are various types of Anxiety issues faced by the new generation. It has been a common condition among people.

Anxiety is a condition that makes a person go through uneasiness, fearful nature, and dread. It also causes problems such as rapid heartbeat, tense behavior, and stress. It is a typical yet unhealthy emotion that many people experience today. To overcome such mental trouble, doctors suggest Wellbutrin, an antidepressant that has been helping anxious people over the last decade.

To get out of such a situation, people opt to purchase medicine. As there might be other options, treatment can be used to cure the condition more quickly. So to get the medication, it is necessary to know all the Ins and Outs of the drug and the purchasing process.

What Is Wellbutrin?

Wellbutrin is an antidepressant medication that can be used to treat Anxiety disorders, but it has also been linked with causing increased feelings of Anxiety. Medications affect people in different ways, and while Wellbutrin may increase feelings of anxiousness for some users, the drug treats these symptoms among others who take it.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) states that there were enough symptoms to warrant medication with sedatives or anti-anxiety medications during clinical trials. 

Additionally, it is seen that a percentage of people stopped treatment with Wellbutrin due to these anxiety-related symptoms.
A slower dosage increase may help alleviate some patients' side effects. If you're experiencing jitters or extreme Anxiety while taking this medication, talk with your doctor about other options that might work better for you.

Wellbutrin is the generic version of Wellbutrin. It would be best if you had a prescription for this medication too. Wellbutrin SR is the generic form of Wellbutrin SR, while Wellbutrin XL is the generic version of Wellbutrin XL.

Your healthcare service expert may modify the dosage for patients with liver or kidney impairments. 75 mg will be the lowest dose given in cases of hepatic insufficiency.

How Does Wellbutrin Work?

Most medicines in the same drug class have the same working pattern. Wellbutrin belongs to the drug class of antidepressants, also called Aminoketones, which works directly on the brain. 

In simple terms, once you have consumed the medicine, it affects the neurotransmitters produced by your body, which plays a vital role in changing the person's mood. Once the medication starts to work, you will see changes in calmness.

Dosages Of Wellbutrin

Wellbutrin is a vital compound of Wellbutrin. You may get it in three variant ratios but with equal formulas, namely Wellbutrin, Wellbutrin sustained-release, and Wellbutrin extended-release.

After analyzing your health condition and biological factors, your healthcare service provider may tailor one variant tablet for you.

Forms of Wellbutrin include:

  • Wellbutrin hydrochloride IR Oral tablet –75mg and 100 mg
  • Wellbutrin SL– 100 mg, 150mg, and 200 mg the maximum dose
  • Wellbutrin XL – 150 mg and 300mg are the extended-release for Wellbutrin hydrochloride
  • Extended-release for hydrobromide – 174 mg, 348 mg, and 522 mg

Does Wellbutrin Help With Anxiety?

There has been limited research into the use of Wellbutrin for treating Anxiety, which may seem counterintuitive since it's a potential side effect, but there might be positive results.

A previous study has shown that Wellbutrin XL, an antidepressant similar to an SSRI (another kind), is equally effective in treating generalized Anxiety disorder. This study was done by Bystritsky A.

Wellbutrin is the potential treatment for generalized Anxiety disorder. Since it is not as well-studied and confirmed, it should only be used in conjunction with other forms of therapy or after trials show that the patient does not respond to more widely studied medications like Prozac. 

A study that observed an individual with panic disorder found Wellbutrin at a dose of 150 milligrams daily improved their symptoms, leading to evidence suggesting the drug may be effective in treating this condition. Wellbutrin is also used for smoking cessation.

Possible Side Effects Of Wellbutrin

Individuals taking Wellbutrin have been experiencing suicidal thoughts, depression, mania, hallucinations, feelings of hostility, Anxiety, aggression, panic attack, delusions, and other mood swings.

Common Side Effects  Severe Side Effects
Constipation Paranoia
Drowsiness Seizures
Insomnia Confusion
Migraine Hypertension 
Nausea Illusions
Excess sweating Irregular blood pressure
Weight loss Pain in the eyes

Wellbutrin may cause hair loss as a result of side effects. Initially, your hair starts to lose its volume and density. Your hair strands become thinner day by day. Most anti-depressive pills are likely to cause telogen effluvium- a type of hair loss in which the front portion of your head starts losing hair, making the scalp appearance prominent.

The above list does not include all the ill effects. There may be more to this that you may learn from your doctor. Your pharmacists may also guide you with the dos and don'ts while on the Wellbutrin dose. Also, if you experience something unhealthy apart from these side effects, please inform your doctor immediately.

If you pause or withhold yourself from taking Wellbutrin, it may lead to several discontinuation signs. You may observe abrupt movements rapidly, while others may take a while to experience the symptoms. 

The primary cause of withdrawal symptoms arises from eliminating this medication from your system. Like other antidepressants, Wellbutrin also shows similar withdrawal symptoms, including:

  • Restlessness
  • Fatigue
  • Seizures
  • Drowsiness
  • Stomach upset
  • Insomnia
  • Confusion
  • Respiratory depression
  • Anxiety
  • Hallucinations

Doctors advise adapting to slow tapering to protect yourself from adverse events. Do not pause taking the medication; modify the dose proportion under your doctor's approval.

This process will take several weeks before entirely stopping the course. It will allow your body to tolerate the milder symptoms and eventually leave no signs in the system.

There was a brief study done on Wellbutrin, which aimed to give a systematic evaluation of the effectiveness of Wellbutrin as an antidepressant.

How To Buy Wellbutrin Online?

You can buy Wellbutrin online using an authentic doctor's prescription from a legitimate pharmacy. Several local and online pharmacies sell genuine medical supplies; many more illegitimate pharmacies are potentially selling counterfeit medications, especially if they do not require a prescription from you.

Additionally, researchers have shown that it is designed with better neurochemistry and organic effects than other antidepressants. It is a qualified drug for someone who regularly feels disproportionate Anxiety levels.

Drug Name Wellbutrin SR Wellbutrin 
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Things To Know Before You Buy Wellbutrin

It is always helpful to understand the medicine and all other needed information. Apart from that, when you are about to purchase medicine, you should know some key points that can help you get out of the chaos you face while purchasing.

So, whenever you are about to buy medicine, it is always necessary for you to look up the certificates a website holds. Online pharmacies are handled via websites that help the person get the medication quickly. 

Apart from that, you should review the website to understand the legitimacy of the online pharmacy. Not just that, you must go through the reviews posted on the website or the product, which would quickly help you anticipate its legal authenticity.

Bottom Line From Practical Anxiety Solutions

You might have known about the effectiveness of Wellbutrin for the condition of Anxiety. Apart from that, it helps to cure various needs as well. But to use it for any situation, you must get a prescription from the doctor. 

Getting the medicine online or over the counter when holding a prescription is easy. A prescription is still needed if you are getting the medicine via OTC. You will be getting the medication in hand with just a few clicks which can be helpful for not worrying about finding any pharmacies.