Published on 28 April 2023

What’s the Psychology Behind First Love?

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Love! Any beings on the earth might at least once feel its essence. The lovable effect makes one realize how love is beautiful. You might have watched many love-centric movies like Titanic, The Fault in our Stars, and many more, which attract many people toward love, but first, love is not something you can explain to someone; it can only be felt by the heart.

Sometimes this first love might become painful for some people, but it always stays special. Even watching your lovable one's activity can make your day happier. But while experiencing this, have you ever considered how psychology plays a role in love? To know more about it, let's see more in detail.

What Is Psychology?

Psychology is formed by the two Greek words that are Psycho and Logos. The word psycho refers to the soul, and logos refers to study. The simple meaning of these two words is to study humans. 

Regarding the American Psychological Association, psychology studies the human mind and behavior with social and environmental factors and social pressures.

It usually studies how you act, react, feel, etc. In this process, a psychologist understands a person's state of mind by conducting surveys and interviews. Even the first love also includes psychology. Let's see how?

The Role Of Psychology In Love

Being human and having a close feeling with someone you love most is common, even if you know, they would never love you. This is considered in psychology because it is mainly related to the mind and behavior. That's why people in their first love especially experience different behavioral changes. 

The triangular theory of love evolved by psychologist Robert Sternberg has stated that love has three components; intimacy, passion, and commitment. You have always assumed that love is connected to the heart, but through the eyes of psychology, it is bound by the mind. Even the psychology behind love always says that when you care about a person, you try not to harm them, which is what first love is. Let's see why first, love becomes an integral part of someone's life. 

First Love Don't Need Any Expectations

You all have been in someone's love, which has charm. Firstly when a person falls into the ocean of love without any line of expectations, that is First love. When people come in contact with their first love, they might feel on top of the world. Even though some people don't get their first love as a life partner, still remembering the memorable times spent makes them happier. 

When a person enters a relationship with their first love, they adjust all things they have not liked because they don't want to hurt the sentiments of their partner.

Frequently asked questions

Connection, attractions, similar interests, and communication are the main reasons to fall in love. If a person finds it in someone, then they may have a chance of falling in love.
Love cannot be the same for everyone, but in the way of feelings, most of them feel their first love true, not only accurately but also in pure form. There is nothing more pleasurable than falling in love for the first time.
According to science, a man falls in love faster than a woman. Even in a relationship, men will likely open up about their passion at first sight.
Brain's functions When a person is in love, the brain's functioning alters in various ways. Brain regions related to reward, motivation, and pleasure become more active, whereas those connected with negative emotions become less active. Neurotransmitters such as dopamine and oxytocin are also released, which leads to sensations of joy, bonding, and attachment.

First Love Is Memorable 

When you first fall in love, you start following your particular person daily. Even when they first talk with you, your mind starts weaving the woolen of memories you can wear anytime. 

The first eye contact. First date, first kiss, and many more can be crazy happy moments in first love. That's why Whenever you think about your first love, suddenly a smile comes to your face. As a famous quote says, First love never dies.

Unexpressed Love 

Many people never dare to express their love, rather than keep it in their hearts. That's why first love becomes special for them. Even remembering how madly they were in love makes them laugh at themselves. But that is first love, A complete madness of feelings. 

For someone, unexpressed love can be painful, but still, they assume their first love is a part of their lives even though they are not life partners. Having a small presence in their daily schedule may also make them satisfied.

Innocence Of First Love 

Most people consider their first love innocent. Some people find it in childhood when they remember the various techniques they used to impress their crush. Sitting next to the schoolgirl has turned many boring classes into memorable ones. Later these tiny beginnings of memories make their sky of love innocent.

In adulthood, when someone gets into a relationship for the first time, they usually start making memories in small activities like hanging out with love, having lunch or dinner with them, Sneaking in the park to meet lovable ones, etc. All these things make their love innocent.

How Love Impacts Scientifically?

It is known that love is a great feeling in terms of care, but apart from this, it also impacts your body. A study was conducted in 2015 by biological and anthropologist Helen Fisher on couples using MRI scans that show their love as a motivation system rather than emotional.  

According to the research of Harvard Medical School in 2017, there were such hormones released by the brain make humans stress-free and calm. Let's see what those hormones were.


This hormone is also recognized as a love hormone which creates attachment feeling and closeness. Usually, this hormone makes a lovable bond between you and your first love. It also motivates you to open up about your feelings. It doesn't mean this hormone can be seen only in couples but also in relationships between mother and son.


This neurotransmitter mainly activates the motivation-reward effect in your brain, encouraging a married person to keep a relationship(affair) with others. This is where the 'addiction' part comes in love. It is also linked to the emotions and pleasure that everyone finds in their first love. 


A hormone similar to dopamine, also released in the stages of love, creates lust in the mind. This can make them energized and euphoric. Norepinephrine is also used to maintain and increase blood pressure in the short term and limited severe health solutions.

First Love; A Special Feeling & A Great Teaching  

You all must hear that love cannot be expressed in words, but everyone experiences this quote when they find their first love. They don't even speak a single word in front of their lovable ones, but still, they understand what they want to talk about by observing them, which can only happen in First Love.

According to a matchmaker and founder of Luxury Matchmaking(LUMA), April Davis, a first love frequently feels so intense it can lead a person to love them significantly more than others. Your first love also affects your following relationships because of its teaching. However, when you move on from your first love, it has always been there in your heart, and because of this, many people compare their new partnership with it.   

Difference Between Love And Lust 

Love Lust
Love has a caring and emotional relationship. Lust is a desire to have intercourse.
Love takes time to develop a close feeling. Lust takes a few minutes to develop sex-based feelings.
Love commits to making a partner feel trustworthy about their passion. Lust doesn't need any commitment.
Love lasts forever Lust only lasts for an hour or a week

Signs Of Love 

Many considered their first love as an attraction and created confusion about it. Some people also say that attraction is the first step of love, but it depends on which attraction you feel about your love, emotionally or sexually. The following are the signs of love that will take your confusion away.

  • You are feeling a kind of emotional attraction 
  • Making a plan for your relationship
  • Ready to sacrifice anything for your love
  • Feeling secure with your partner
  • Always loving small things about your partner.
  • Sticking your eyes frequently on your partner's photo.
  • Keeping your hand in their hand makes you feel relaxed.
  • Love to put your head on the partner's shoulder.

Bottom Line From Practical Anxiety Solutions 

In terms of feelings, Your heart gets connected in first love. Still, from the psychological perspective, your mind is linked with the feeling of love. This is what psychology is; a study of the human mind and behavior. But it doesn't mean that an individual can only love another one. It can be seen in your activities, too, such as painter loves their painting; they love to portray various things through their visions. This is also a form of love.

Usually, sudden music plays in your heart when first love happens. You start listening to melodious songs and remember your passion, that one day we both listen to this song. This is just an example, but it is how first love evolves.   

In science, love impacts the brain by releasing positive hormones like oxytocin, also called a love hormone, dopamine, and norepinephrine. It mostly pulls you into the world of love.

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