Published on 07 December 2021

Is A Healthy Lifestyle Essential For Longer Life?

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Imagine getting tired even after having an unproductive day, everything ranging from waking up in the morning to coming back from work can seem exhausting due to an unhealthy lifestyle. It is essential to have a healthy lifestyle not only to make yourself feel happy and physically fit but also to live a longer life.

Recent studies have discovered that people who jog every day in the morning are more likely to not catch any lifelong diseases, a human body is like a machine if you do not maintain it properly it will become tarnished and stop working before you know it.

It is a known fact that people who have unhealthy habits like excessive drinking or smoking catch various death-prone diseases at a very early age.

In the past centuries when humans completely relied on raw fruits and vegetables for food had a longer life span than people in today’s world, nowadays because of various food chains that sell junk food, excessive use of social media, and extremely tight and busy schedules people are not able to adapt a healthy lifestyle which has led to shorter life spans in today’s generation.

So yes, a healthy lifestyle is necessarily important for living a longer life but more importantly it is also essential for making your life happy and healthy.

Emotional well-being and physical activity, these two things should be parallel in order to have a healthy lifestyle, physical exercises will surely make you muscular, fit and very strong but it is of no use if your mental health is disastrous.

A good healthy mind makes up a good healthy body and once you achieve both you can live a long healthy life.

If all the factors of having a healthy lifestyle are taken into consideration when you are not at all likely to adopt any unhealthy habits in the future, mainly because your body will get very habitual to all the healthy habits; to the point where any unhealthy habits will give you the ick just like how a smoker quits smoking and then after completely trashing that habit even the smell of cigarettes starts to disturb them, in the same way, a person with a healthy lifestyle is not prone to get hooked by any unhealthy habits in the future.

Once you start practicing a healthy routine, you will live a happy, de-Stress, and long life. (Sun, C., Li, K., Xu, H., Wang, X., Qin, P., Wang, S., Liang, B. and Xu, L., 2021)

The first question which boggles the mind is “How”?

Tips For A Healthy Lifestyle:

Healthy Diet: The first and foremost step to achieve a healthy routine is to have a balanced diet, which can be achieved by cutting and throwing out anything with high-calorie content. A balanced meal is important, if you wake up and decide to have pizza for lunch you cannot expect to be fresh and active throughout the day but the case is different if you wake up and have something healthy for breakfast, having healthy meals is important and it’s the Primary step towards having a healthy lifestyle.

Make a proper diet chart, try to add healthy items as much as possible replace junk food items like chips, chocolate cookies with something nutritional like dry fruits or sugar-free snacks. Even the slightest bit of change can make you feel healthy and energized, at first saying goodbye to all kinds of junk foods will be difficult but then once you get habitual to eating organic and healthy products, it won't be much of a problem. (Kris-Etherton, P.M., Petersen, K.S., Després, J.P., Braun, L., de Ferranti, S.D., Furie, K.L., Lear, S.A., Lobelo, F., Morris, P.B. and Sacks, F.M., 2021)

  • Cutting Off Smoking And Excessive Drinking: It is a proven fact that smoking and excessive drinking has no health benefits, they just harm your body by its harmful toxicants, these are highly addictive substances and cutting these substances off will not only make you feel healthy but they will also help you in the long run.
  • If you are highly addicted to smoking or alcohol and you don’t know to break that habit then you can get into contact with many helplines and rehabilitation centers, those helpline numbers and rehabilitation centers are specially curated to help alcoholics and heavy chain smokers.
  • Exercising: Physical exercises are an amazing way to upgrade your immune system, exercising regularly helps you to become strong and it helps. It balances your heart palpitations, regulates your sugar level and make you feel energized. It is important to do certain exercises under adult supervision also it is very important to not exert yourself too much. Over exercising can lead to tearing of tissues and it can also lead to muscle damage and severe stomach cramps.
  • Meditation: Meditating is a good way to stabilize your mental health, as mentioned earlier in order to have a healthy lifestyle it is important to balance physical as well as your mental health. Emotional stability is important for keeping yourself balanced and fit, meditation helps the human mind to prevent stress or any kind of induced anxiety. It also helps you to gain focus and can also help you to feel peaceful and happy.
  • Have Useful Proper Routines: Having different Self Care routines is a great form of Self Care. Pamper yourself by having a step by step skin care routine, there are many types of routines which you can adapt in order to have a healthy lifestyle. Buy organic Self Care  Products instead of chemical induced ones, Organic Self Care products will not harm your body and they are proven to be very effective in the long run.