Published on 26 October 2021

Physical Activity: Start Today There Is No Tomorrow

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Did you indulge in any physical activity today? If not, then here is how you can stop procrastinating and ace forward. Physical activity can be operated anywhere, anytime. From walking to scouring dishes everything involves movement of the body. However, operating a physical activity is where people dearth. This usually ensues as laziness takes over or we start to procrastinate.

 Even one of the greatest boxers Muhammad Ali once said, “I hate every minute of training. But as I said, suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion” therefore in order to be the champion of your own life start today. But before that, how to start a physical activity program is the question that comes to our consciousness. Thus, you are on the right track, in order to know more continue with the perusal.

Mantra For Starting A Physical Activity: Here How

If you are a beginner and have a difficult time puzzling out the workout regime, here is how you can kick start better health.


Before indulging in any form of physical activity examine your health, in order to forge ahead. Before involving in any tedious, strenuous, or exerting physical activity it is important to have a health check-up prior to it. This will help one discover snags that might bestow in one`s body And help in detecting it that will in turn help in getting aware of the do`s and don’ts before starting any physical activity.


In order to achieve the goals make a plan accordingly, that is with respect to your health, capacity, and strength objective, be it gaining, losing, or maintaining your weight or strength, scheme your plan attested to your objective. For example; if you want to tone up and gain muscle and build strength opt for weight training as it helps to lose or gain weight with increasing the muscle mass. However, if your goal is to increase your stamina and endurance opt for cardio along with a jot of weight training which can include running, aerobics, etc. Create a proper regime according to your goal with apt sets that are the number of times you would perform the physical task in all, or reps that is the repetition of the sets.


In order to be able to work on different levels of physical activities be it light or gentle, moderate or vigorous plan a diet accordingly, to achieve the desired target. If you wish to work vigorously then add a lot of protein and carbs to your diet that will help you build muscle and provide energy at the same time however, the meal that is been elected should be properly balanced with all the nutrients and diet plans for a healthy lifestyle.


Once you get all these objectives in, try and perform them frequently and maintain consistency. Consistency is the key to change, by working on it on the regular basis you will start to notice the change and hence, will outreach your intent.

Now that we are on the right trail, let`s see what is the prime age suitable to progress with physical activities. (Miles, L., 2007. Physical activity and health.)

Is Age Factor Salient When It Comes To Working Out?

Let`s disclose the answer to the question straight away and the answer is no, age does not matter when it comes to engaging in physical activities be it a child or an adult, people get involved in physical activities at every stage of life. Even a toddler indulges in physical activities from crawling to walking or an old-aged person who is usually involved in walking or lifting weights, thus, age is not a particular factor that should be kept in mind while carrying out a physical activity.

However, when training on a strenuous level, age should be considered according to stamina and the capacity of physical activity. For example, a senior citizen who is physically not very capable should not indulge in strenuous physical activities however, on the other hand, a teen who is zestful and has the capacity to grow can indulge in such tedious training as lifting weights, calisthenics, high-intensity cardio, etc.

Now that we know what is the age to which one must involve while working out let's have closer look at the other factors. (according to Warburton, D.E., Nicol, C.W. and Bredin, S.S., 2006.)


What is the best time to work out? Work out in the morning to lose weight? Or does working out in the evening can lead to weight gain? This is what we call “myths”.

 Definitely, these day-specific routine have their own good consequences and health benefits such as working out in the morning can refresh and rejuvenate your day and would have a lot of time in hand to yield in other activities and on the other hand working out in the evening can help in storing a lot of strength which can help in performing better, but would not lead to drastic weight loss or gain and highly depends on the surplus or the deficit of calorie intake and your workout regime.

 Therefore, every time be it a day, night, or evening involved in physical activity is not time-specific.


Therefore, be it day or night or in any age group working out or involving oneself in physical activities is not specific to any of these matters. However, eating healthy, and consistent is all that matters. As it is very well quoted that, “your future depends on what you do today and not tomorrow” thus, focus on a healthy lifestyle today in order to be the better version of yourself tomorrow.