Published on 11 April 2022

Cycling Workouts: A Way To Bond For Healthy Lifestyle

Cycling cycling-workouts-a-way-to-bond-for-healthy-lifestyle
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Cycling with training wheels and your parents cheering and helping you learn is one of the sweetest memories from your childhood. Cycling is one of the best exercises to help you stay fit physically while also helping you relieve stress.

Cycling A Way To Bond?

Ever wondered why it was easier to make friends when we were kids?

Well, being a kid, life used to be simple. We didn’t think before making any decisions. With growing age, humans tend to build a habit of thinking everything through, and some end up developing a habit of overthinking every little thing.

Making friends and creating a bond is not possible in such situations. However, social, physical activities can help you create a good bond, and cycling is one of them.

Cycling Workouts And Social Life:

Cycling provides many mental health benefits while also improving your social skills. Whether you are a part of a cycling club or cycling with your group of friends, coming together with people who share the same passion is a great way to bond and create stronger relationships. (Oja, P., Titze, S., Bauman, A., De Geus, B., Krenn, P., Reger?Nash, B. and Kohlberger, T., 2011)

Tips for Perfect Workout:

  • A beautiful path is a must.
  • Head gears and leg guards
  • Track Health Vitals.
  • Track A Map for Progress
  • Have an attitude focused on fun.

Cycling workout is one of the most rewarding things you can do which provides fresh and exciting new experiences to savor, over and over again.

A Beautiful Path is A Must.

The path for a workout should be tough also enjoying. Sweat it out and also have fun with the calories you burn. It is the most fun way to burn calories. Cycling workouts are not set to be monotonous to a particular set up you get to explore and create your own way.

Headgears and Leg Guards.

Safety is a must before trying something new. Trying to explore and getting a new found path through cycling workout taking all safety measures is fun. Checklist tick before you start your workout like Headgears for head safety and Leg guards for safety of your legs. The two safest guarded parts of your body.

Track Health Vitals.

To record your progress do install fitness apps related to cycling to track your vitals along the lines of your cycling workouts. Try to achieve your set goals through these apps. Goals should be improved and increasing day by day.

Track a Map for Progress.

Please keep a tracking device attached to your cycle handle so you do not get lost. Keep a track of your progress about the hill climbs and descents which measure your cycling progress. The distance can be measured through these apps helping you achieve more and get fit.

Attitude focused on fun.

No matter the things you do please keep yourself focused and the element of having fun. The attitude must be set right to getting things done and achieving your targets. Attitude is most important in having things done. (Garrard, J., Rissel, C. and Bauman, A., 2012)

Cycling And Social Anxiety?

Charles Graham-Dixon, at 25, suffered from his first panic attack hungover at a concert, “I felt fear and an overwhelming need to get away from the auditorium – but situated in a long row of people, and within a hushed audience, I felt trapped.” This marked the start of Charles cycle of anxiety, depression, and OCD

Charles has tried CTB and antidepressant/anxiety medication such as tramadol. Charles bought his first bike as a way to fight back anxiety. According to Charles, therapy and meditation have helped him but not as much as cycling. “What began as a way of stopping panic attacks became my primary form of transport and my daily dose of therapy.” 

Charles still has episodes of social anxiety/OCD. He states, “Whenever this happens, I go cycling. Whether a short one-hour ride or a four-hour endurance session, cycling declutters my mind and makes everything more simple and manageable.”

Cycling’s innate mindfulness is the key to its therapeutic qualities. Focusing on the physical and engaging the mind and body solely in riding. It diverts our minds away from our unpleasant and whirling thoughts, which can be troubling when we obsess over them. (Wang, T.C., Tsai, C.L., Tang, T.W., Wang, W.L. and Lee, K.T., 2019)


Cycling provides many benefits other than just being a means of transport. So take out that bike lying in your basement, call up your friends and go on a long ride. You will find yourself making new memories and strengthening your already existing bonds or, even better, making new friends!