Published on 05 May 2022

Do Women Follow The No Contact Rule In Psychology?

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Let's take an example to understand the concept behind the no-contact rule in psychology.
E.g., If one girl or a woman is in a relationship with the opposite gender and that person is not treating her well, she thinks of breaking the relationship with that person or removing that person from her life. 

So the contact rule helps the girl overcome the problem, heal from the breakup, and become a better individual. So most women prefer the no-contact law if they only want to remove the person in their life.

What Do You Mean By the No Contact Rule

The No-Contact Rule loves you more than anyone else. It's all about self-explanatory and self-love. It is the period you take to cut all ties with your ex by allowing you both the time and space you need to process your breakup. 

The no-contact rule works most of the time if you genuinely want to move on from your ex or remove any other toxic person from your life, which may also include members of your family, relatives, or any friend. Time itself plays a vital role in the no-contact rule.

Things You Must Know About No Contact Rule

It is essential to know different things. It would help you understand more about what a woman would go through.

  • Her emotions run strongly. She will likely have strong emotions after the No contact phase. If things end up badly or you hurt her immensely. Her feelings possibly cause her to make strong negative opinions toward you. 
  • She will hold hate, and females experience enormous emotional pain after the breakup. Even if she misses you, she will have difficulty letting go of her sadness. If you mistreat her, she may be angry with you for quite some time.   
  • She misses you; when you spend time with someone in a committed relationship, you will miss them after cutting off contact with them. Ultimately, when you execute the No Contact rule, you go from talking to having no communication.
  • She doesn't forget, and women tend to have strong emotional memories, which means they will not forget anything that happened during the relationship. It has both advantages and disadvantages. During the No Contact phase, your ex will remember both the positive and negative of the relationship. Suppose there were more positives as compared to negatives in the relationship. In that case, it might help her forgive you and reconsider the relationship, which is advantageous if you want to get back together. Exact opposites to it will happen if the connection is full of pain and hurt, she will only remember negative emotions connected with the relationship, and she will have a hard time forgiving you. 
  • At last, she will accept it; no contact key with women is that they will eventually come to a position of acceptance. Even if they don't want the breakup, you better be sure about what you wish to do if you choose No contact forever. 

What Benefits Of The No Contact Rule?

Various benefits will help you to follow the No Contact rule. For your own peaceful and mentally stable atmosphere, know about the benefits.

  • The no-contact rule also benefits an individual, but most women prefer it.
  • It gives you the time to know the new version of yourself.
  • It gives you time to reflect and recognize your potential.
  • It helps to regain control and power over your life.
  • It helps to keep away the negative emotions and thoughts that had happened fast and concentrate more on the future life.
  • It helps you to relax and focus on betterment.
  • It helps to re-energize and regain self-esteem and improve your overall personality.
  • Erase the image of your ex and prove that you can live a happy and positive life without him.

All the positive mentions will lead you to get away from the toxicity around you and find the best yourself. 

What Are Dumped And Dumper In No Contact Rules?

  • Dumpee is a person who is dumped or rejected romantically and the one who begs the other not to leave. They are so obsessed with that person that they won't imagine their life from a different perspective.
  • Dumpers are those people who say it is all over, and they make decisions fast and don't try to talk with that person again.

What Activities Can Be Done During The No Contact Rule?

You always read that self-love is the best love, so we must implement this while performing the activities and doing the things you couldn't do in a relationship.

  • Physical Activity: You can also try to play any sports you love, and you can do physical exercise and spend your time in yoga, gym, dancing, cycling, or jogging.
  • Social Activity: These activities include spending time with your loved ones, interacting with people in a group, meeting your friends, and hanging out with them.
  • Relaxing Activity: That helps you to relax mentally and physically, which includes doing yoga, meditation, spa, massage, or taking a relaxing bath.
  • Self-improvement Activity: The reasons for the breakup can be jealousy, trust issues, and insecurities, so this thought would arise again after the separation. So we should list out the wrong things and try to improve ourselves. Learn to be patient, listen more, read more, speak less, take any course you like, and quit a bad habit. In this process, we require time but show its effectiveness.
  • Pursue your hobbies: The things you stop doing at a particular time, such as dancing, sketching, or playing any sport that depends on your interest.

Does The No Contact Rule Work On Women?

It's a question popping up in the minds of millions of people. Because you're here after the breakup researching methods to win your ex-girlfriend back, it's evident that there are some unsettled emotions. Now if those feelings are one-sided or expected, that's personal.

Let's cut to the chase. The odds of her attempting to reconnect or respond to your message after a long No contact stage are promising. Throughout the initial days of No-contact, female dumpers go through these; I don't want to see your face again. 

No matter how much you beg, we are over for a good thought process. Steadily, this indifferent attitude transforms into Anxiety and anger. Why haven't they tried to contact me yet? Have they moved on? That's what she thinks. In short, the No Contact rule does work on women.

How will you Know If The No Contact Rule Is Working?

The no-contact rule means snapping all contact with your toxic relationship. You will see all the changes after following the No Contact rule.

  • Indulge in yourself and find yourself in a better way by doing self-recognition and investing more time in the thing you love.
  • Your ex tries to contact you and interact so you can return together.
  • Feel free from the toxicity of the past and think about good and positive ideas that would be good for you in the future by not repeating the mistake.
  • Your ex becomes more responsive, wants to get back together, and tries to establish the perfect relationship which was not in the past.

Thus you will know that the no-contact rule is working.

What Are The Stages Of The No Contact Rule?

The stages of the no-contact rule can vary from person to person but typically include the following:

Stage 1: Withdrawal

In the starting days, you will feel low and experience mood swings and poor sleep because your partner has dumped you, and you cannot get him again.

Stage 2: Dejection and improvement

In this second stage, you will have the lowest level of depression, but again you will start improving it if they contact you and don't respond; it will affect your improvement.

Stage 3: Recovery

In the final stage, you will start to recover or discover and think of yourself again in a reasonable manner and start developing good hobbies and making new contacts.

Stage 4: Relief

In some relationships, dumping a partner is very hard because, overall, it depends on your thought and emotion, so the No Contact rule helps deal with the dumper to feel relief.

Stage 5: Curiosity

After a couple of weeks, the dumpers start thinking about why my ex has not contacted me yet and why they haven't tried to come back together.

Stage 3-Obsessive preoccupation
At this stage, they start thinking about why they have not contacted them yet and try to occupy their mind space and check their social media posts.

Stage 6: Grief

In this stage of no contact, the person realizes the pain, and the break hits them badly, as if a loved one has died.

Stage 7: Letting go

At this stage, the dumper tries to patch up again and let things go, but the no-contact rule makes it hard for a person who has broken the relationship they should move on.

How Does No Contact Rule Helps A Woman As An Individual?

Women are powerful, but some conditions, decisions, or negative thoughts can break them and make them think differently, so they always think of others and deal with that situation. So no contact rule makes a woman decide or stand for herself by observing a thing from each perspective.

Using this rule, we can identify our flaws and rediscover ourselves well. So that could help her in his personal as well as professional life. She could also deal with mental issues and can increase her self-confidence.

How Do No Contact Rules Help Women To Overcome Anxiety In A Relationship?

The no-contact rule plays a vital role in mental issues by expressing yourself as an individual in a positive way by creating or pursuing hobbies that we cannot do in a relationship.

It keeps us physically fit and healthy by performing activities like jogging, walking, dancing, cycling, yoga, or meditation. Our minds will be freed from negative thoughts and develop as individuals.

It also helps to explore new things by listening more and reading more, and we can have trips and meet our loved ones, impacting our behavior. So it keeps us relaxed, increases our self-esteem, and develops our personality.

Bottom Line From Practical Anxiety Solutions

So, the No-contact rule in psychology emphasizes self-love and removes toxic people from our life, including our loved ones, family, and friends. We can find a better version of ourselves who doesn't depend on anyone. It also helps to develop our physical as well as mental health.

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