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How To Take An Official Iq Test?, And Where?

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In this fast-moving world, Intelligence is a competition between people. Some people started to eat almonds, walnuts, and flex seeds to increase their level of Intelligence. That's how the winds of Intelligence are spreading day by day.

When someone hears the word 'IQ (Intelligence Quotient),' they treat it as a symbol of knowledge, so most are curious to know their IQ score. Some people also conduct IQ tests for different reasons; some do it to discover their minds, whereas others do it for career choices.

Many get confused about how to take an official IQ test and where? IQ looks like a small word, but many things have been hidden. Let's know more about it.

What Is IQ?

IQ stands for intelligence quotient, a quantitative measure of the human ability to solve and think of complex problems. Usually, IQ tests are made to see how smart you are compared to others the same age. Your IQ test score shows how well you do in mental activities.

Many people consider IQ as knowledge, wisdom, memory, and other attributes of the brain's ability, but IQ may check all these parts depending on the test. There are many IQ tests used across the world. Psychology also has a root in the presence of IQ.

The Psychology Behind IQ

Psychology has a deep connection with IQ. Psychology studies human behavior and mental health, whereas IQ tests examine cognitive ability. In terms of psychology, IQ is a standard measure of a person's intelligence capability based on psychological tests.

Many psychologists defined the meaning of IQ. The psychologist William Stern invented the abbreviation IQ for the German term Intelligenz quotient.

As per the free dictionary by Farlex, an IQ test is a psychological test that calculates the compound interplay between attention, processing, and information considered the intelligence domain.

Why Take An IQ Test?

IQ tests are taken for different reasons. Some reasons may be practical, while others do it as an exciting activity. An IQ Test mainly helps people to diagnose intellectual disabilities and measure their mental potential. The following are the common reasons why people need to take IQ tests.

  • To calculate how a person's intelligence progress over time.
  • To decide one's cognitive strengths and weaknesses.
  • Children attempt this test to get guidelines about their Education and career.
  • Measure a person's development in terms of cognitive capabilities.

How Does the IQ Test Work?

IQ test work according to every person's mental ability. But if a person wants to know how a professional takes an IQ test, there are some ways. Most IQ tests appear in two parts; verbal and cognitive performance. The test includes several questions that the participant has to answer.

  • The verbal IQ test focuses on the participant's vocabulary and ability to use language in reasoning and problem-solving.
  • Another side, the cognitive IQ test focuses on how the participant uses their memory and processes written information.

Some people may feel it is a difficult task and feel anxious about their score. For them, congnitive behavioral therapy CBT will be helpful if needed.

Suitable IQ Score For Your Age

IQ tests are different for everyone, so their scores may also differ. The human brain evolved with age. Simple numerical sums can be challenging for a child, but if given to an adult, they can solve it quickly. The following table offers IQ scores according to age.

Age IQ Score
16- 17 years old 108
18-19 years old 105
20-24 years old 99
24-34 years old 97
35-44 years old 101
45-54 years old 106
54-64 years old 109
65-69 years old 114
70-74 years old 119

For children, it is advisable to take advice from professionals before conducting their IQ tests. Many people take their children to IQ tests at an early age. First, let them understand the small things through observation. Once they become capable of it, you can conduct an IQ test.

Where Can You Take IQ Test?

Many people get confused while taking IQ tests. They mostly think about where they should take this test. There are just a few platforms that have been established to help people to conduct intelligence quotient tests. A good platform should include detailed information about this test so the participants can understand it. This can make a person understand the concept of IQ tests.

In-person Meeting

In this meeting, a participant takes an IQ test in a controlled environment or by an official testing service to ensure the test is accepted as valid. Usually, this test is costly for many people as they have to pay for the examiner fees and the material they need for conducting the exam. Even a person who is professionally trained in psychology can administer IQ tests. The psychologist used some techniques to measure IQ tests.

Online IQ Test 

Apart from in-person testing centers, some legitimate sites have been created to take IQ tests and see your score. These online tests are straightforward, authentic, and quick to determine your IQ level. They have a set of questions that would take around 60 minutes to solve. Using online sites for IQ tests can be affordable compared to offline tests. Some may not have access to conduct exams, so kindly check them before taking IQ tests.

Types Of IQ Tests

Most people assume that IQ tests are the same as one, but there are a few different ways available that you can choose according to the situation and which information you want. Let's know more about it.

Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS) 

This is one of the best options for last year-high school students. It can also be used in adults. This test usually focuses on verbal and reasoning abilities, memory, and congnitive processing speed. Even most psychologist uses this type to conduct IQ tests.

Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence (WPPSI) 

This IQ test is mainly designed for children who's age is between 2 years 6 months and 7 years 7 months. It is also used in adolescents. David Wechsler developed this test in 1967.

Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (WISC) 

This test accurately measures children's IQ who are between the ages of 2 to 7 years old. The WISC is mainly used to test children for cognitive disabilities or extraordinary Intelligence.

Stanford–Binet Intelligence Scale

This test can be done at any age, but it provides the most accurate results when used to test the IQ of adolescents, young children, and adults.

Different Online Sites For IQ Tests 

In this developing world, the internet has become essential. Most people get their queries solved because of the internet. It also provides many options to people, so many prefer online platforms to offline centers to take an IQ test. The following are some sites where you can take IQ tests and measure your score.

#1 - Official IQ

This is a trusted site that takes IQ tests properly. Thousand of people have taken tests from this platform. Many Education psychologists tell their clients to prefer this site. This test costs $22.9, which may also hike when you check the site. But still, it is less than the in-person tests.

#2 - Mensa IQ Test 

The mensa international society is a well-known platform for conducting IQ tests and created IQ tests for over 30 countries, which makes them a trusted one. They offer membership to individuals with a minimum IQ level between 140 and 150. This is one of the affordable options for those people who want the information but have limited resources. But these prices may differ as per the country. The general fee is $40 to $100.

#3 - Genius Test

Genius Test is also an excellent online platform to determine your IQ score. This platform provides different IQ tests, including long and short exams. If someone doesn't like the extended test, then this is the best option for them to try.

#5 - IQ Exam

It Is a new online platform that accurately claims IQ scores. A group of experts at McGill University in Canada designs this platform. This test has 20 questions, and if you pass the test, then the site will give you a certificate as proof of passing the exam.

#6 -

This is a well-known site for taking IQ tests which contain 20 questions that measure your IQ score accurately. After the completion, you have to give birth date details so the site can calculate and adjust the score per your age.

#7 -

This site provides free IQ tests. It's a sample IQ test website that contains historical information on the idea of IQ. It includes a chart that shows a youngster what statistics they expect. This test contains 20 questions which are based on WAIS IQ score.

Tips While Preparing For An IQ Test

Many people get tense while preparing for an IQ test which later impacts their score. Studying the specific questions for the test is difficult as it is not a school or university exam, but the preparation process may help you improve your IQ score. Some tips are given below, which can be helpful for you while preparing for an IQ test.  

  • Try to have a positive attitude and confidence while giving tests.
  • Use relaxation techniques while going through the testing process.
  • Do not concentrate on the test one day before. Give that time to yourself.
  • Eat healthy and nutritious food before the test. 
  • Get sufficient sleep the night before the test.
  • Read all directions carefully while having the test.
  • The test has some time limit, so use your time carefully. 

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Bottom Line From Practical Anxiety Solutions

The intelligence quotient means IQ is a quantitative calculation of the human ability to solve and think of complex problems. In an IQ test, a set of questions challenge your mental capacity, and its score shows how smart you are compared to others of the same age. In terms of psychology, IQ is a measure of an individual's level of Intelligence based on a psychological test. That's why psychologists can manage IQ tests.

If you want to take an IQ test, then there are two forms that most participants use; in-person and online IQ tests. Both terms have been written in detail in the above section. Many prefer online sites to check IQ scores rather than offline centers. This is because online sites are affordable.

Many sites are available to check your IQ. scores, including official IQ, Mensa IQ test, IQ exam, and many more. Some websites may have charges, whereas others are free of cost.