Published on 03 October 2021

Learn Kickboxing For Self Defence: What Are The Benefits

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With the trend of work from home and also study from home growing by leaps and bounds the need for physical movement has never been more. Yes, there is cardio, yoga for a healthy lifestyle, there is gym for keeping body in perfect shape, you can swim for good health, then there is the option to carry out walks but these can get a little boring after a point.

A good mix of fitness regimes would be ideal. Divide the 7 days of the week well. You can also consider exercising on alternate days or the following routines like exercise which promotes a healthy lifestyle and might affect positively your physical endurance. This is true for fitness also. Enjoy what you are doing.

Don’t make strict rules. Just as teaching has to be done in a fun way, so also exercising has to be done in a fun way. The purpose is to feel happy after your workout. Besides, you also need to look forward to the workout regime you have created for yourself.

If you are not feeling excited, it is important that you take a hard look at your fitness routine. Organise your fitness routine in your schedule. You may go with different ways to maintain your health. Dance, Kickboxing are some innovative ways.

You can also consider walking down the mall! Today, I would like to share with you one of the fun ways of ensuring great physical as well as mental health. Most of the exercise routines focus on physical health but in the case of kickboxing mental health also improves a lot.

What Is Kickboxing?

Kickboxing is an art derived from karate. Moves of kickboxing are similar to karate, boxing, and Muay Thai. Although the name indicates kicking as a priority, this type of martial art uses hands and feet as points of contact. Kicks and punches are both used in kickboxing. It is also used in self-defense. 

It is important to do physical activity daily to stay fit and healthy. Kickboxing is the better option for it. Kickboxing is a popular and well-known professional sport. The general public is also showing their interest in kickboxing. Because of it, there are many new academies open for kickboxing.

This sport relieves your aggression and gives satisfaction after each punch and kick. There are a lot of benefits in kickboxing. Let's look into it. 

Points To Note Before Starting Kickboxing

Some important points needs to be followed that would help you grow through your fit personality. Inner energy can make you do things that no one has imaged.


What is your final goal? You could follow some motivational interviewing techniques which will provide you with some aspects that will help you with your vision and what apparently you're up to?

A goal will help you chalk out a plan. It will help you decide what and how you should plan your training regime. If weight loss is your main goal then accordingly more strenuous exercises will be selected.


Your health plays an important role. Kickboxing is not for the weak-hearted people. Kickboxing involves all your body parts. It requires you to be physically fit at a reasonable level. You need not be macho. A reasonable Body Mass Index, Blood Pressure, Sugar Levels, etc. are important.

A simple visit to your family doctor will help you answer this. In case your measures are off, just follow the instructions of your family doctor, be it lifestyle changes or medications to get your parameters in control. Once you have it right, you are good to go!


The era of YouTube is catching up. Lots and lots of training are done online. While this has its advantages, there are some pitfalls too. You need to ensure that you find a good intuitive trainer. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. On top of that, every trainer might suggest tips on how to stay hydrated which keeps your body stable.

So. On the positive side, kickboxing can really help you a lot but if not done correctly it can lead to muscle wear and tear. It is essential to catch this early on. So do your research well. Look for a good, experienced trainer.


Any form of personalized training can cost you a bomb. It would ideal to get together with a few others and then take up this training. This not only reduces the cost but also goes a long way in creating a fun atmosphere.

Fitness training no matter how much fun, can get a bit monotonous, and hence it is important to have fitness buddies. That way sometimes you will encourage them and at other times they will encourage you. This keeps the action going, like literally.


Space is an extremely relative term. In a methophorical perspective for someone in a city like New York or Singapore, 50 square feet is also a lot, whereas for someone living in Glasgow or Dublin it’s minuscule. The good part about kickboxing is that it can be done in the confines of a home, even a room as a matter of fact.

Again, if you are living in a temperate city, were stepping out is possible. You are not worried about rains, hail storms, snowstorms, sand storms then you can do your kickboxing training in the lap of nature, in your yard, in common garden areas.

This would mean you are close to the greenery around you and you also get a chance to move out of your standard environment. This can really be beneficial to your mental health.


The best part about Kickboxing is that you don’t need any special equipment. All you need is the right pair of shoes and gloves which are the right fit for you. In case you plan to practice solo than in that case you can consider investing in a punching bag.

All of this is not very expensive and is also very portable. You can carry it along and store it very easily. Start with the basic brands, slowly and steadily if you really enjoy Kickboxing then you can consider investing in more known brands.

Kickboxing exercises help to strengthen and tone your legs, arms, back, glutes, and core all at once. Your entire body works on maintaining a perfect body while practice kickboxing which tends to burn fats.
Kickboxing helps women to reduce fat, Strengthen and tone their bodies simultaneously. Kickboxing helps the entire body in improving their coordination and cardiovascular fitness, burn calories and increase their flexibility.
Practicing kickboxing workouts for the entire body helps to burn calories and improve muscle mass without running on the treadmill or lifting heavy weights. Kickboxing is even better than a gym.

Benefits Of Kickboxing

Every kind of exercises or physical activity has a different benefits. It is the reason many people opt for to get off from excess body fat and keeping it a fit body. Kickboxing like activity will make you strong and produce power to be confident. 

Improve Physical Fitness

Kickboxing is a sport in which fitness plays an important role. You must have good physics if you want to play at a high level of kickboxing. There are a lot of body workouts in kickboxing that make you physically fit and strong.

Kickboxing as an enormous flexibility workout that burns an incredible amount of calories, ultimately leading to better metabolism. as you burn fat from your body, your muscle will get toned simultaneously. You'll get a high cardio exercise which helps to improve your physical fitness.

Strengthen Mental Fitness

Kickboxing is well-known for the benefits of strengthening mental fitness. It helps to relieve stress and tension. It improves brain health and allows us to stay away from depression.

Even though this game is full of aggression, it gives you peace once you come out of the ring. Kickboxing helps to strengthen mental fitness by increasing endorphins and producing changes in the part of the brain that can improve stress, Anxiety, and depression problems.

Improves Confidence

As we all know, kickboxing helps to improve physical and mental strength. It also helps to improve self-confidence and willpower. Each punch and kick boost confidence and a fight-back attitude. You can carry this confidence out of the ring to other parts of life, like your professional life.

Improve Focus And Coordination

Kickboxing is very-paced material art that needs alertness and eye, hand & leg coordination. Even a microsecond of deconcentration can cause a consequence. So you must stay fully focused and alert in a ring.

In day-to-day life, it's very tough to stay focused in life. We can't even focus on work or  family. But kickboxing helps us to stay focused in our life too. 

Improve Posture

Sitting for a long time and looking down at the phone for hours and hours is one of the reasons for bad posture. You can set your body posture by practicing kickboxing exercises, which help strengthen and tone your legs, arms, back, glutes, and core all at once.

By practicing kickboxing regularly, you can improve your body flexibility, which helps to make a better balance and physical personality.

Weight Loss And Improved Muscle

Kickboxing workouts burn calories from the body, which helps to reduce weight and make the body flexible and balanced. To react quickly and perform well in the ring.

According to research, elite and amateur kickboxers have more muscle mass and lower fat percentage. The person whose 155 ponds can burn 372 calories by practicing kickboxing for 30 minutes.

Lower Blood Pressure And Heart Rate

Participation in kickboxing showed low blood pressure and heart rates. Because of its similarity to High-intensity interval training, kickboxing can improve overall heart health, lower cholesterol, and provide more regulated blood sugar and insulin levels.

Kickboxes get all the physical benefits without running on the treadmill and lifting heavy weights. Kickboxing is the better option for improving health.

Develop Self-Discipline

Not only martial arts but every sport also needs self-discipline. It is an important factor that every sportsperson should follow. You have to pay attention to your goal and get rid of the distractions.

You are the only person who can help yourself to reach your destination. No one else can do for you. Be the one and do it by yourself.

Once you start following self-discipline, you can see a clear vision of your goal.

Why Is Kickboxing Good For Self-defense?

Almost every martial art and combat sport will surely help with self-defense just like Kickboxing. The sport that will teach you how to punch and kick properly. 

You can defend yourself with the help of kickboxing moves. But it can be dangerous to perform kickboxing out of the ring. There are certain moves we cannot use for the streetfighting it may cause serious injuries to the opposition.

What Kickboxing Techniques To Avoid?

There are specific techniques that we cannot use at the street fight. Learning Kickboxing and other martial arts is used for self-defense, not to hurt anyone. Let's look at the moves which we should avoid.

  • Flashier moves bring too much risk, so avoiding flashier moves is better. 
  • Close combat is the other thing we should avoid as a kickboxer.

Some techniques look cool in movies, and many of us watched Jean Claud Van Damme spin-kick baddies. In real life, this technique may cause too much risk. The right strategy is keeping your distance and using straight punches and long kicks to neutralize the opposition. But beware, performing kickboxing skills out of the ring may push you into serious trouble. 

Bottom Line From Practical Anxiety Solutions

If you are a fireball of energy then yes Kickboxing is right for you. Energy does not mean just physical energy. It also implies psychological energy.

We may not realize but our thoughts also create energy. Anger is the manifestation of excessive frustrating thoughts. So if you are an overthinker or are someone who gets angry easily then you must consider Kickboxing. 

So in a nutshell Kickboxing is the right form of training for not only your physical health but also your mental health. Why not give it a try!