Published on 13 December 2021

What Measures Are Required To Make Walking A Habit?

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Walking is an amazing form of exercise; it will not only help you to burn calories but is a great way to boost your mood early in the morning. Usually walking should be done early in the morning as the weather goes perfectly and it is a great way to start your day.

Good habits can make a person very healthy and happy; if you want to be physically fit and emotionally healthy then walking is the right option. (Yamashita, K., Yamashita, T., Sato, M., Inoue, M., and Takase, Y., 2020)

Walking Every Day Is a Good Habit And It Should Be Inculcated But How Is The Real Question:


It is said that the human body takes about twenty-one days to inculcate a habit. Step out of your days and go for a walk; do not exert too much pressure on yourself. You can start by going for a walk only for 10-15 minutes at first and then as soon as you get habitual to walking every day; you can slowly increase the time limit.


Nobody likes walking in a crowded shop or in a very dirty place with litter all around. Choose a good location where you would want to go for a walk every day; it could be the pretty garden in your neighborhood or the area around the hilly mountains. Choose a calm location with pretty surroundings.


Walking is a type of sport and no sport can be performed if the shoes are not right. Buy the right shoes; mainly with a lot of grip or shoes with cushioned layers. It can make your everyday walk simple and efficient.


At first, making it a habit will be tough but it is important to not let your guard down and give up. If you give up in between then it will get difficult for you to inculcate this habit all over gain; read some optimistic quotes and gather your strength altogether.


If you are the type of person who tends to get bored while walking alone then ask some of your friends to join you. It is a known fact that walking with some people you are closer to tends to make your walk enjoyable; you are inculcating this habit for your own self and it should make you feel happy and cheerful.

Tips for Walking:

  • As mentioned earlier, walking is an exercise and before performing any exercise one should do some warm-up exercises as well. Try doing some yoga before your big walk; this can help you to loosen up your body and it can help you to prevent any physical pain.
  • Do not consume any oily food or do not consume alcohol or tobacco before going for a walk, it will ruin the entire motive of walking and it can make you feel tired throughout your entire walk.
  • Consult your physician if you have any physical injury

Walking- A Path Towards Happiness and Fitness

Walking surely boosts your immune system and keeps you away from physical illnesses but also it helps you to elevate your mood and makes you feel cheerful. Studies have shown that walking early in the morning increases the dopamine rush in your mind which makes you feel joyful and energized throughout the day; which is why therapists usually advise patients suffering from depression and anxiety to go for a walk early in the morning. Walking is a great way to improve your lifestyle, you do not necessarily have to be a gym freak or an athlete to make yourself physically fit all you have to do is grab your shoes and go out for a walk. (Mandini, S., Collini, G., Grazzi, G., Lavezzi, E., Mazzoni, G. and Conconi, F., 2018)