Published on 13 December 2021

Walking: Does It Take Us To A Healthy Lifestyle?

Walking walking-does-it-take-us-to-a-healthy-lifestyle
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People have started giving attention to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Working in this busy and fast world is definitely difficult for an individual to cope with healthy habits, in order to lead a healthy life.

The first thought which pops up in peoples' minds is Exercise. People spend hours exercising in gyms and sweat out to have a perfect physique. But there are many different things too which contribute to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. And undoubtedly, walking is one of them. 

Now you might be thinking about how can walking can help to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Let us walk towards it to know more! (Galea, M.N. and Bray, S.R., 2006)

Walking Is A Part Of The Exercise!

"Health is Wealth" is what we have been listening since our childhood. People are being conscious about health and thus taking up the habit of exercising. Signing up for gyms and hardcore exercising is what most people do for exercise, while others opt for yoga and medication. 

But there are some people who might find both these methods challenging to adapt due to their personal reasons. Here comes our hero in the picture- Walking!

Walking is something which people can adopt as a part of the exercise because the results provided by walking are similar to those after exercising. (Lee, L.L., Avis, M. and Arthur, A., 2007)

Let us look at the benefits associated with the habit of walking, which promotes a healthy lifestyle:

1. Promoting Better Physical Health

Walking has similar effects on the body, just as exercise. A 30-minute walk too can contribute towards the better functioning of body systems. It improves cardiac health along with keeping the joints functioning smoothly. 

Walking is majorly taken up as a habit to reduce weight, and it definitely helps achieve the goal. It helps to keep the body in working condition and promotes better efficiency. It works on maintaining a better posture, better muscles, and strong bones and increases stamina, which is reasonably necessary in this busy overtime world.  

2. Adaptable By Everyone

There are many people who want to exercise and sweat out in gyms to have better health and physique. But not everyone is able to make it to the gym due to some medical reasons or tight work schedule.

Thus, walking is one of the best options for aged people or people suffering from heart diseases or Type 2 diabetes to maintain the proper functioning of the body and keep the body healthy.

People from every age group can adapt to walking according to their pace and requirement.

3. Equipment And Hassle-Free Exercise

Exercising in gyms needs a list of equipment such as weights, mechanical devices such as treadmill and much more. But for walking, one just needs to buckle up their shoes and move on to whichever route one prefers.

One does not need to spare some particular time for walking. It can be done anytime, whenever a person feels free. One can opt to take a walk to the office instead of taking a cab or prefer walking for a grocery run and letting your car have some rest. These are little things where the habit of walking can be inculcated which can make a huge difference.

4. Resort To Mental Peace.

Walking helps to have a balance in mental health. It refreshes the mind and makes people more creative. According to a study by Stanford University, the creative output of individuals increased by around 60%. 

While having a walk, our mind generates positive thoughts and self-confidence, which help tackle negative thoughts that may lead to depression and anxiety. Walking through nature also increases observational skills and makes the mind more creative and artistic. 

What is more, mind soothing and relaxing than going on a walk with your loved ones and pets!

Inculcating Walking As A Habit:

1. Take a walk whenever possible

2. Prefer stairs over the lift

3. Going on a walk with friends and pets

4. Joining walking clubs and organizations

5. Exploring natural spots and hiking

Walking Leads To A Healthy Lifestyle!

A healthy lifestyle is what everyone is striving for in today's life, and it is necessary to have it. There are a bunch of options for one can select, which will leadto a healthy lifestyle, and walking is definitely one of them.

It can be observed that a simple action like walking can have a huge impact on overall health. It affects the entire body, protects against various diseases, increases efficiency, and much more. It also helps to explore new places and get a step closer, and know more about nature and surroundings.

So next time you plan to meet someone, go on a walk as it will be fruitful to both the objectives. So, let's get ready and meet tomorrow for a walk!