Published on 13 December 2021

What Does One Do To Walk More?

Walking what does one do to walk more
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People have started looking at walking as part of a healthy lifestyle. Walking acts as an exercise that helps to keep an individual fit. Walking has its overall benefits on both physical and mental health.

Walking is the most simple form of exercise which one can take to maintain good health. A mere 30-minute walk can make big difference. People have started to go on a walk- either in the morning or in the night. But how does one inculcate this habit of walking? What should one do to walk more and enjoy the benefits associated with walking? Let us look at it. (Cooper, A.R., Page, A.S., Foster, L.J. and Qahwaji, D., 2003)

Walking As A Part Of Routine

People generally don't have time to spare for exercising due to their busy work schedules. One needs to take out some time to work out and exercise. But this is not the case with walking. Walking for just 30 minutes a day can provide better results. There should be measures for making walking a habit.

30 minutes in a single stretch or having it in parts of 10-minute walks every day can be a good exercise. Start gradually with 10 minutes in the initial days to 30 minutes per day. Also, the time doesn't matter for having a walk.

People can make it a part of the routine whenever they have free time. But proper time should be fixed for it and should be followed regularly.�

Take Walk Whenever Possible

Walking is not an exercise that can only be carried out at a fixed time. But walking can be taken up whenever possible. People generally go via cars or bikes to buy groceries from nearby stores. In such situations, people can opt for a walk and let their cars and bike have some rest.

Also, one can take a walk to reach the office if not running late rather than opting for a cab. These are small things of adapting to the habit of walking in life, but these things will help you walk more regularly and lead you towards a healthy lifestyle.�

Selecting stairs instead of elevators in malls or stations is one step towards a healthy habit of walking.

Walk With Loved Ones And Pets.

Walking is a simple exercise, but some people may find it boring. But it can be made interesting if your loved ones join you. This is indeed a better idea as it will work in both ways- it will help you to have a walk and spend your time exercising, and your body will feel better, and it will help you spend time with your loved ones where you can have conversations and talk about things of mutual interest.

People also prefer going on a walk with their pets which relaxes their mood and brings positivity. Going on a walk will never seem a boring option if you are accompanied by your close ones or a furball of happiness!

Walking Clubs And Organizations

Many walking clubs and organizations go on a walk every day as a part of the exercise. People who find it difficult to walk alone can join these clubs where proper training and guidance will also be provided, which can help them inculcate the habit of walking properly.

These walking clubs also have various other options along with walking, such as hiking and trekking, which can help an individual explore nature and make the walk more interesting.��

Exploring Natural Spots And Hiking

Walking seems a usual activity for some people as they don't find anything interesting in it. But it can be interesting by exploring natural spots and having activities such as hiking, trekking, and camping.

'A Walk in the Woods'- the thought itself gives a feeling of peace and calmness. Exploring the natural spots and having a walk through the jungle can enhance the walking activity. It helps to get closer to nature and explore new things. As many new things can be seen, the walk doesn't seem boring and tiring.�

Nature activities such as hiking and camping will definitely help you have a better walk and help to build proper muscle.

Walking is a normal day-to-day activity that can have a huge impact on individuals' life. People belonging to any age can walk and spend time walking according to their age and body requirement. A 10-minute walk can also create much and can be gradually increased as per one's needs.

Whether it be a 10-minute walk or a 30-minute walk, walking is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. These are the things that one can follow to make walking a healthy habit and lead a healthy life!� (McDermott, M.M., Liu, K., Ferrucci, L., Criqui, M.H., Greenland, P., Guralnik, J.M., Tian, L., Schneider, J.R., Pearce, W.H., Tan, J. and Martin, G.J., 2006)