Published on 01 November 2021

Is Solo Travel Possible: Easy Steps For Solo Travel

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For most people, their first solo trip feels like an almost religious experience. There is a certain sense of invigoration and independence that a solo trip invokes among travelers. To take in new surroundings and experiences unfiltered by the tastes, preferences, or prejudices of a traveling companion can be exhilarating.

Solo travel can literally be considered the epitome of self-indulgence. You can do whatever you want, go wherever you want, in your own time and space. Travelers often celebrate their individuality and independence, as travel has also become a way of 'finding yourself.' With all the necessary and convenient means, traveling solo to any destination you want in the world has never been easier.

What’s Solo Travel?

Undoubtedly; this is one of the best traveling types. The solo trip will help you to discover yourself and boost your self-confidence. You can travel and explore places which you like, you can eat anything that you want, and you can do anything that you like. There will be no pressure or influence on you by anyone. You will be the only one who can decide everything.

Every trip would be enjoyable. But the solo trip will teach you a life lesson and boost your confidence to face anything alone. Give it a try, and fly solo with your own wings! 

How To Plan Your Solo Trip?

Planning is very important when you are going traveling, especially in solo travel it plays an important role. It will be better to start the trip with a clear vision of ideas and planning; here are some tips that may be helpful to you

Budget Planning

Saving a good amount of money for the solo trip will be better for you. While traveling alone some unplanned events might happen; Often, many places, especially touristy ones, do not accept cards and require cash transactions. So it's better to keep the extra money in your pocket while traveling alone.

Read Up Well About The Destination.

As part of your trip planning process, it is crucial for you to know at least the essentials about the place you plan on visiting. This includes learning about every nook and cranny of the localities you stay in and visit. To secure yourself from being conned by the locals, you can find out all the essential details regarding the place, your stay, the food, mode of transport, and much more. 

Invest some time here to save some during the trip. It is also important to learn about their norms and cultures to dress and act appropriately, unlike a flashy naïve tourist. 

Pick The Right Accommodation

Another crucial recommendation for solo travelers would be to pick the right accommodation. Be very certain of the place you are booking and whether it has a 24-hour front desk. The last thing you'd want is to be stranded outside the hotel/hostel, waiting for them to open gates, which can be extremely unsafe. Further, check for the required amenities they provide and whether they meet all of your needs.

Carry Proper Identification Documents

If you have any issues while traveling, things can quickly get worse for you if you cannot prove your identity. A money belt is a great option to always keep your identification with you. Don't carry all your IDs in the same place. That way, if either gets lost, at least you have some other source of identification. The same goes for money.

Ensure To Keep A Trusted Person Updated On Your Itinerary

Understandably, you're going on a solo trip and want to feel the fresh breath of liberation. However, it is ideal to keep at least one trusted person informed about your travel itinerary and whereabouts. This will help alert that person to contact the hotel or embassy if some mishap occurs.

Be Mindful Of Your Environment

As a solo traveler, you have to remain alert at all times. Not paranoid, but just be mindful of where you are, who you are with, and a basic comprehension of how safe the environment is and the right time to take off. Do not be naive and notice when there is a potential danger. Avoid stepping out in the middle of the night or getting overly intoxicated.

Frequently asked questions

After completing the solo travel, you will see good changes in yourself. It will helps you to understand yourself better and boosts your confidence.
Budget, play an important role in traveling, especially in solo travel. Many places, especially tourist ones, often do not accept cards and require cash transactions. So it's better to keep the extra money in your pocket while traveling alone.
According to U.S.News.Spain, Italy, Greece, New Zealand, Australia, and Portugal. are the 6 best countries to travel alone.

How to Travel Safely?

Safety stands first while you are traveling, especially when you are going on a solo trip.  There are Safety steps that you need to follow while you are traveling alone.

Buy Traveling Insurance

It is always better to get insurance before you travel. the insurance policy which covers emergencies, including medical emergencies, natural disasters, or incidents of crime and theft. Try to find a policy that suits your type of trip, such as; long duration, multi-destination, or extreme sport. Never leave your home without your insurance coverage.

Get Vaccinated 

Make sure you are getting vaccinated before you go on a trip. It's important to stay fit and healthy while you are traveling. Because of the various location and climates, you may face health issues. So it's better to get vaccinated before going on a solo trip. 

Avoid Unwanted Attention

Solo travelers can sometimes be targeted by scammers and thieves. Tries to avoid drawing too much attention to yourself. Wear the dress according to the location so that scammer can’t identify you as a traveler. It is always a good option to avoid unwanted attention while you are traveling. 

How To Make Friends?

One of the best part of the solo trip is meeting new people from around the world. It creates a chance to make new friends. Here are some tips which may help you to make a new friend.

Go to a traveler-friendly spot

Don't just be stuck inside the hotel go out to make new friends. Visit a well-known traveler's cafe, restaurant, or bar. You get an opportunity to meet new people from around the world. There is an app that helps you to make connections with new people. 

Be flexible

Be flexible enough to talk with an unknown person. You may have no idea when a stranger becomes the most important person in your life. It's always better to make at least one good friend on a trip so that the trip remains unforgettable even after the decade.  

Here's Why Every Person Should Go On At Least One Solo Trip In Their Lifetime

Doing Things By Yourself Gives You Freedom

Any trip with friends or family will most likely include a minimum of an hour spent arguing about what to do next. Some things that interest you may not necessarily interest your travel companions, and vice versa. Each person has their own likes and preferences. On the other hand, when you're alone, you can be selfish and do whatever, however, and whenever you want.

You Will Be Forced To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone.

Whether you missed an important event or got stranded or lost in an unfamiliar city, the company of your family/friends creates a safe environment for you to freak out in when something goes wrong comfortably. But being alone will demand you to gather your wit and courage and figure things out all on your own.

Who do you become when all your expected safety nets recede? How do you cope and interact with the world around you? Being pushed out of your comfort zone can be terrifying, But it will empower you as you realize that you can completely survive on your own. 

It Gives You The Chance To Discover Who You Really Are

Perhaps the most important thing solo travel can offer is to help you find out the person you really are. Visiting restaurants, museums, or other local attractions by yourself will allow you to take in experiences and make moments of introspection fully. It gives you an opportunity to disconnect and experience life from your own perspectives and see the world in a unique way.

It's Easier To Just Relax And Take a Break.

Although you may not realize this until you finally get it, you probably require some quality time by yourself. If you're looking for time and space to think about what you want in life or just need a little self-love, taking a vacation alone and getting lost in yourself for a while can make wonders. Try it once, and you'll buy single tickets more often than you thought.

Bottom Line From Practical Anxiety Solution.

Every person needs a break from work to refresh and relax. Travel is the best option to get refreshed and relax. 

Solo travel helps you to understand yourself better, boosts your confidence, creates an opportunity to make new friends, and it gives you the freedom to enjoy and explore your own world. 

By exploring the world on your own, you can explore yourself too. So pack your bag and fly to your dream destination. 

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