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29 November 2021
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There are many types of travel having their own advantages and disadvantages. You’ll probably get to know that you’ll end up having fun and enjoyment while exploring different kinds of travel throughout your lifetime (Gee, C.Y., Choy, D.J. and Makens, J.C., 1984). Here are the types of travel styles: 

The Weekend Break-

Obviously, everyone loves to travel and loves their 9 to 5 jobs, which can’t be given up for traveling across the globe for 6 months. It is not a matter to be worried about, as you can still travel and have fun by taking short weekend gateways. Look for airfare deals, fly out on a Friday evening and get back on Sunday & make the most of the short precious time you have! (McManus, P., Sweeney, A.E. and Geen, A.G., 1995)

The Package Holiday-                                                  

The beauty of the package holiday is that everything is just done for you! You need to simply pick a beautiful beach or a destination you would be lounging on. Your travel agent will ensure that everything is arranged and planned according to your convenience.

Though the packaged holidays are looked down on by hardcore backpackers, there is nothing wrong in spending your hard-earned money on two weeks holiday on a sunny beach enjoying with friends & family. It’s all about spending a week or two & having the quality time of your life in paradise.

The Group Tour-

There are different types of group tours, for instance, it could be of busloads 20-year-olds who want to have drinks & party while it could also be a group of 80 years old who are willing to visit historical monuments & everything in between. No matter what you are interested in, from art history to ghosts or cheese making to fishing, there is a group tour out there for you. Your travel plan is packed with many physical activities so you that you are not bored.

The Caravan/RV Road Trip-

Buckle your seatbelt, put on some great refreshing music & hit the open road for a perfect road trip. If you own a caravan, you’ll always have the option for a holiday on any weekend, just pack up and explore a new place. It is the best way to explore the natural beauty which lies nearby. It is considered one of the best child-friendly types of travel.

The Gap Year-

A gap year is when you take a year off typically to volunteer, work, or study. A Gap year trip is not much about what you do on your normal trip, it is the fact that you are traveling for a longer period of time that differentiates it from other types of travel. You can take a gap year and travel at any point of your career no matter how old are you.

Visiting a friend or Relatives-

Apart from many types of travel, one type is when you visit your friends or relatives who stay far from you. Just because you have someone to stay with, you can probably stay for an extended period. Your friends and family staying abroad always offer you to stay with them. So just take up the offer and have fun!

Event Travel-

Event travel is when you travel to a destination, particularly to attend an event. For instance, it could be the Olympics, the world cup, or the Rio carnival. It also includes attending a music festival or your favorite brand around the tool. You are getting a chance to visit alongside thousands of people of the same interest. You are surely going to make new friends!

Business Travel- The best thing about traveling for business is that your company will bear all the expenses of your voyage. Being paid to fly in the first-class & stay in luxurious hotels is everything a person dreams of and the best way to explore the world. You don’t have a choice where to go and most of your time is going to be spent working. However, getting paid to travel rather than being stuck in a compartment is pretty great. In this way, you can spend most of your business trip in the form of a short trip.

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