By Nasrin Kapadia

B. A. Psychology

09 December 2021
Medically reviewed by
Sumayya Salam
Pharm D
Here Are Five Types of Water For You To Stay Hydrated!
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Stay hydrated is what all of us say. But do we? We at least need about 2 liters to 3 liters of water to keep our body out of toxins. In this world of tech, many of us must have downloaded the water count application to keep our water in check, and many of us can’t keep up with it.

But there are many other ways through which you can make a few changes to drink more water. This might sound crazy but switch up the water you drink as it can aid your health as well. But why is water essential? Before continuing, grab a glass of water and keep your water intake in check. (Kamcev, J. and Freeman, B.D., 2016)

Why Do We Need Water To Stay Hydrated?

Be it refilling your dad’s rum with water secretly or washing your hands, we all need water in our quotidian lifestyles. On a serious note, our body comprises about 70% of water; even though our body consists of this percentage, why do we need more?

Well, this might sound gross, but water works but as a flush for toxins as it washes down the contamination that comes around in the body. Other than this, there are several other reasons why water is needed, namely:

  • Digests the food
  • It keeps our bodies healthy
  • Water gives us energy
  • Improves the skin
  • This leads to a healthy stool or urination
  • It is a necessary ingredient in cooking

Perhaps, water is a need, so we should, of course, indulge in its consumption. So let`s look at its different types.

“Water” The Types of Water.

We often see variations and types in water, some mineral or some from the glacier, and mindlessly pick any of them because evidently, it’s just water.

Well, of course, it’s just water, but these different varieties have their benefits and importance. What are these types? And how are they essential for us? (Van der Aa, M., 2003)

The Water of Flavors:

Have you ever tried flavored water? Water with berry flavoring or chocolate-flavored water? Does that really make it water, or is it a juice at this point?

Well, it is water. Water with flavor contains added sugar or any sweetener that helps people drink it more often and keeps your water goals checked.

It also gives a variation as water as it mostly seems tasteless, and anything that tastes good leads to an increase in its consumption. However, drinking flavored water every day can also be disadvantageous as it can increase sugar intake. Perhaps limit is the key. (Mackey, E.D., Baribeau, H., Crozes, G.F., Suffet, I.H. and Piriou, P., 2004)

Thirst Trap

It is a misconception that tap water is bad. And people most often do not drink tap water because of its taste. Yes, tap water is precisely used for washing dishes or duds but can also be used for washing the harmful substances in the body.

It is inexpensive and is said to impact less on the environment. If you still feel that tap water can be boiled, which can kill the germs if any.

Mineral Water More Like Mine- Real Water.

Mineral water is considered to have all the necessary vitamins such as calcium, potassium, and magnesium, which can fulfill the water requirements and nutritional needs and regulate blood circulation and heartbeat that is healthy for our body.

Glacier Water

The freshest natural water that can refresh your lives, yes, glacier water, is the water you should opt for. This water is not salty from scratch as it comes from the ice caps and contains the most amount of absorbed oxygen.

It is considered one of the most chemical-free and pure water. It also helps the body maintain a good PH value which reduces acidity. However, further purification and filtration are required.

Sparkling Water

Water with a fizz? Yes! Sparkling water is what you need. It contains carbon dioxide that makes it fizzy and gets rid of acidity. This water helps in the digestion process, making it smooth.

Usually available in different flavors but also with added sweeteners. So, keep your water in check with a burp!

Drink More

Not drinking enough water can be unfavorable and can lead to side effects such as dehydration and irritable bowel syndrome and as every coin has two sides having way too much water can lead to muscular weakness, which can, however, be solved by medication such as Soma (Carisoprodol), Tapentadol, etc.

Many people suggest saving water but drinking beer or alcohol which leads to depression  and is not an option drink water to keep yourself safe as well as the environment. So cheers to water! (Machado Filho, L.P., Teixeira, D.L., Weary, D.M., Von Keyserlingk, M.A.G. and Hötzel, M.J., 2004)

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