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Tapentadol (Nucynta)

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Think of a prescription-based medication that relieves any sort of muscular pain without causing any severe side effects. Wouldn’t that be amazing? 

Well, it does exist in the case of Tapentadol. Nucynta is the trading brand name of Tapentadol. It was discovered in the early ’80s. Developing this was derived from combining metabolites of tramadol and morphine with more significant efficiency and lesser potent for addiction. Scientists have regulated the process of development by following the underlining change:

  • The transition from prodrug to a direct performing drug 

The Food and Drug Administration functioning in the USA has approved Tapentadol for treating all discomforting sensations arising from muscular disorder, muscle injury, or post-operative surgery in 2008. However, the approval is given only for short or acute-term conditions.

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Tapentadol for neuropathic pain

Tapentadol Neuropathic Pain

Any damage or injury caused to your nerve interlinked with the brain and the muscles located when transmits the pain messages to the central nervous system leads to the origin of neuropathic pain. 

Your spinal cord, neck, lower back, and hips joint are often sensitive parts. Any strain, sprain, a muscle twitched, or fracture may result in nerve pain exhibiting inflammatory sensations.

Physicians recommend opioids to treat these conditions due to their ability to treat neuropathic pain faster. 

Mainly Tapentadol ER is given to patients to combat the unbearable pain. It has a set of the dual mechanism of action: 

  1. It inhibits the ascending pain connected to the MORs agonist in the central nervous system and the spinal cord.
  2. It can alter the descending pain generated from neuropathic pain. 

In 2011, the US – FDA approved Tapentadol ER for managing chronic or mild neuropathic pain efficiently. 

Tapentadol side effects

The usual change in body behavior was noticed in those who took Tapentadol immediate-release formulations. Nausea, drowsiness, vomiting, confusion, head pain, stomach upset, and frustration are some of the recurring common side effects observed among most Tapentadol users.

You don’t have to worry if these effects are concerning at a lower level. However, if you observe any of these causing you major trouble, then report to your immediate physician.

Suppose your body suffers from severe side effects such as confusion, fatigue, irregular breathing, sleep apnea, burning sensation while passing urine, loss of appetite, weight loss, weakness, anxiety, or depression. Inform your doctor right away to take necessary preventive steps.

Seizure, lightheadedness, faintness, irregular pulse rate, high blood pressure, hallucination, major gastrointestinal issue, daytime sleepiness, and fever are some of the significant indicators that should be addressed on time.

Get healthcare service provider help right away if you find high allergic reactions such as severe skin rashes, swelling of face, lips, tongue, and throat. Breathlessness and psychological disturbance are not the reaction to be ignored. Tell your doctor immediately if you observe any of these effects or other ill reactions. As this is not the complete list, you should monitor and inform all discomforting sensations to your doctor.

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Tapentadol dosage, precautions, and interactions

Tapentadol IR is available in 50 mg, 75 mg, and 100 mg. It can be taken up to six times a day. Your doctor may recommend the dose based on your health condition, pain intensity, and immunity. Tapentadol takes about thirty minutes to release its effect after the single dose consumption. It stays up to twenty hours depending upon biological factors such as age, gender, and medical history.

Whereas Tapentadol ER is available in 50 mg, 100 mg, 150 mg, 200 mg, and 250 mg. The per-day consumption should not exceed more than two times. The doctor mainly prescribes patients dealing with osteoarthritis, chronic back pain, neuropathic pain, and diabetes-related pain. The sustained release effects last for up to twelve hours, which differs from person to person. 

The average recommended dose of Tapentadol IR is 600 mg and Tapentadol ER is 500 mg/day. Do not exceed or decrease any of the doses without your doctor’s concern. It may lead to fatal issues in your body. 

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The product is composed of active and inactive ingredients. You might not be aware if you are allergic to inactive substances. Before the intake of Tapentadol, inform your pharmacists or doctor regarding:

  • If you are allergic to any food or chemical substance.
  • If you have a medical history related to a brain tumor, seizures, head pain, or other brain surgery.
  • Problems associated with lungs, breathlessness, or asthma.
  • Sleep apnea, pulmonary disease, kidney or liver disease.
  • Any mental disorders such as depression, confusion, alcohol addiction, history of opioid abuse.
  • Constipation, gastrointestinal problems, or urine infection.

This medication tends to make you feel drowsy; avoid driving a motor vehicle or any heavy machinery in such conditions. Over drowsiness may result in an incident, injury or fall. Avoid drinking alcohol or smoking cannabis (marijuana) and keeping your doctor in the loop. 

For older adults, it is vital to take this medication in a lower dosage as the usual side effects may also cause significant damage to the physical and mental wellbeing. 

In the case of breastfeeding mothers and pregnant women, Tapentadol could be avoided. However, doctors only reach to it when all other opioids have failed to provide pain relief. 

Few studies have highlighted the issue in the development of an infant. Therefore, it is essential to inform your doctor if you have previously taken any anti-depressants or are currently on them. 

You have to highlight whatever you’re putting in your body. For instance: any vitamins, health supplements, steroids, protein, or other herbal medications or powder. All this necessary information will help your doctor to decide the accurate dose and duration of this medicine.


Tapentadol may result in a severe reaction or change in the mechanism of action when interacted with other drugs or food. Certain pain medications falling under opioids and benzodiazepine class of drugs may interact negatively when combined. Other inhibitors such as methylene blue, linezolid, and many others may trigger severe risk resulting in fatal such problems as coma.

If you have been on serotonin medications earlier and now you are taking Tapentadol, then the serotonin ability in your body will increase, leading to toxic interaction. Antidepressants are an example of SSRI; intimate your doctor before stopping them.

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Some cold and flu medications can already make a person feel numb and exhausted. If you pair Tapentadol with any cough medications, then there might be a chance of over-drowsiness or sleepiness.

Involve into a habit of reading the label and the doctor’s prescription carefully; it will help you be aware of the ingredients present in the medication. And if you are already allergic to any of them, it would be easier for you to take alternative medications before starting the course. 

One more vital thing is to complete the course as mentioned. Do not make any changes or stoppage in the dose without informing your doctor. Such self-decision may charge you a significant health penalty.

Where to buy Tapentadol online in the USA?

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Before letting you know the safest place to buy Tapentadol online in the USA, I shall inform you about the inappropriate place to buy any medication. This information will help you to protect your health and money from rogue dealers.

You will be bewildered to know that people sell Tapentadol on the streets. Yes, it is the sad truth that many patients who are in genuine need get scammed by this street dealer who gives prescription-based medications to needy people at an unrealistic lower price. Tapentadol street price is cheap, along with the meager (low quality) product. Please do not get any of your health-related products from the street, as it may lead to life-threatening issues.

You must be wondering; then where should you buy from? Well, the answer is at your fingertips. Online pharmacy is the immediate spot to get your Tapentadol dose in the USA. The rise of e-pharmacy has led to the evolution of new technology with easy accessibility. You may buy Tapentadol schedule drug and other prescription-based medicine from an online store. But before placing your order, check for the website’s authenticity. Verify the local address mention at the bottom of the website.

Most of the time, the USA-based online pharmacy sticks by the FDA guideline and follows the WHO instructions. You may easily get Tapentadol at an affordable price by submitting the doctor’s valid prescription.

Look for reputable websites that give generous discounts, overnight and next-day delivery, and a secured payment gateway, making it easier for you to purchase medication from your comfort place without any hassle.