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10 November 2021 -
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Weekends Is The Cure For Your Stress
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Stress is a major barrier to our healthy well-being. There are about 33% of people who have reported themselves undergoing stress and about 77% of people who have stress, are daunting their physical health. The stats have also stated that the millennials i.e. from the age group of 18 to 33 are considered or diagnosed with higher stress levels.

Be it your home, your education, or a hectic job everyone undergoes stress that makes you feel agitated, sad, furious, frustrated, or irritable. In order to get away from it, there are several remedies but before that let`s see how can you identify whether you are stressed.

Relatable Enough?

If any of these issues are bothering you on a daily basis, don’t worry just take a break?  With our busy and monotonous lifestyles, we all are jaded but in order to make things more exciting or in other words, “stress-free” getting away from things for quite some time can be healthy.

Every human needs a break unless you do not pass the captcha test and are identified as a robot. However, on a serious note, it is scientifically proven that vacations or holidays can relieve stress and help you concentrate or focus better.(Aneja, N., 2015) How do you ask?

What Is Real Life Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara Moment?

Why be Arjun (Hrithik Roshan in "Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara Moment”) when you can be Imraan (Farhan Akthar from "Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara" moment”). Let`s live a stress-free life. If not Spain then let`s settle for a weekend at least. Why? Because it benefits not only our mental health but also our physical health. This is how:

Make Your Stress Know To Rest.

According to the American psychological association, vacations or short tours reduce stress by keeping people away from the obstructive or pessimistic thoughts that take a toll on one`s health. This helps them rejuvenate their mind that in turn makes them feel brisk. (Howard, D., 2009)

Risk Of Heart Attack? Not Anymore.

According to the studies and experimentation, reports it is said that the people who take frequent breaks that help them reduce stress have 21% fewer chances of heart attacks. So relish your weekends and live longer.


Weekend getaways are the best option in case you feel off the grid when you go away to a new environment or a new place that helps you recharge your energy and capabilities and helps focus or concentrate more on what is important once you are back.

Happier Than Ever.

It is said that a change in the environment makes you release serotonin that is the happy hormone and thus, makes you feel exceptional and content. Therefore, we do need a break.

The Greatest Wealth Is Your Health.

In order to be healthy or to make your lifestyle energetic and stress-free breaks often helps. It helps in improving the memory, boosts performance, makes mentally stronger and refreshed.

No More Mental Breakdown.

You often end up feeling low or are about to have a breakdown, this usually happens when there are many accumulated thoughts and does not have a way out. Therefore, small breaks can help you take a step back and figure out your next step. Now let`s focus on the step back and how you can stick around.

Take a Stress-Free Weekend.

Go On Hike, Treks, Or Just a Nice Walk.

The fresh breeze in the mornings from the top of hills, mountains, or even a no-so-inclined platform can help you release stress with the change in the environment.

Lash Out.

Meet your close friends or family and tell them how you feel and open all the bottled up feelings. This will help you relieve stress and feel renewed. Spending some quality time with your loved ones with a great laugh also helps you calm down and feel the rush of happiness. 

Watch Funny Content.

By looking at all the thrillers or even action leaves a hard-held feeling that might end up stressing you more thus, spend your weekends watching humor content and laughing your stress out.

Me Time.

It is important to spend time with your own self, take yourself on a date and give your mind some time to digest your own thoughts and just relax. This can help you figure out our path with more efficiency.

The End.

Thus, in conclusion, weekends are meant for your own self, to assimilate and process your thoughts so take a step back and ease up. For better well-being mental health should be also prioritized in order to process thoroughly we all need a break. So make full use out of that weekend in adventures to have Healthy lifestyle.  (Fritz, C., Sonnentag, S., Spector, P.E. and McInroe, J.A., 2010)

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