Published on 07 November 2021

Is Camping A Family Thing?

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Have you ever thought about going on a camping trip with your family? You might be wondering, who goes on a camping trip with their families? right? Well, youre mistaken here. Yes, it does sound strange, but camping with the family is just as fun as camping with your friends or colleagues.

Just like the saying goes you will never know until you try it' camping trips with family are a lot of fun if you give it a good chance and if you have planned it well. (Clark, R.N., Hendee, J.C. and Campbell, F.L., 1971)

But Why Go Camping With Family?

Yes, going on a trip with your friends sounds like a lot of fun, but camping with the family is also just as fun. You get to learn many new things with your family and who doesnt like a unique experience. Heres a list of what you can expect on a camping trip with your family.

Nature Is Worth It!

Being out in nature with your family will help you and your family members learn more about nature and all the health benefits it provides us. You will be amazed by how much your family knows about nature.

All About That Family Time!

You can have some quality bonding sessions with your family members during a camping trip. Youll be surprised to see how different your family members are in nature when they are not in their usual home setting.

Knowledge Is Power!

Your grandparents and parents have a great deal of knowledge and experience. You can learn a lot from them during camping trips, like setting up a tent, lighting a fire, cooking outdoors, and whatnot. This will not only help you in the camping trips you have in the future but also increase your survival instincts and skills

Multi-Generational Outing!

Camping with family means a meet-up of different generations. You can learn a lot about your parents and your grandparents generation on such trips, which is a good way to bond with your family in times of camping.

What's The Difference?

There isnt much difference when it comes to camping with your family and not your mates. But if you look at it from the perspective of health, then you can find significant differences here.

Going out with your family means youll be accompanied by your aged parents and even grandparents, which means you cant go to locations that have challenging hikes which are suitable for your muscles and even your lungs. Having parents around also means that they will act a bit overprotective when it comes to adventurous activities. For example, if there is a water body around, you might not be allowed to go swimming, rafting, or even cliff diving because they may think its not safe.

To sum it all up, going on a basic camping trip may mean giving up on good physical activities that are healthy for your body because of the age gap between you and your parents.

How Can You Make Camping With Family More Active?

Yes, family camping is giving up on suitable physical activities, but you can still make it worth it by using the following tips.


Even though you cant go on challenging hikes or explore the woods, you can still play some excellent games that keep you active around the campsite. A few games that you can play with your family are football, volleyball, frisbee, tag, etc.


Even though the location may not be challenging enough, you can still explore your campsites. This can be a good workout for your muscles while also allowing you to wander the woods. Try taking your parents with you so that they dont have to worry about you getting lost in the woods.


Setting up tents and building a campfire are also some suitable physical activities to keep your body active during the trip. Try to light the fire traditionally if possible instead of using new camping gadgets, and it requires more strength. If you succeed, the feeling of accomplishment you will get is unimaginable.


Rehearse some skits and act it out at the campsite. You can get a good laugh out of this. Also, share your funny stories from your past to light up the atmosphere at the camp. Having a happy and cheerful atmosphere can be very good for your mental health.


We can say that camping with the family is a thing, it all depends on what type of adventure you are looking for. Suppose you plan on having a chill trip and want to lay around in nature doing nothing and breathe in the freshness of untouched mother earth. In that case, you can opt to go with your family, but if you are planning on exploring new places and having adventurous trekking, playing some water sports like swimming rafting and cliff diving, then going camping with your mates is something you should opt for. (Garst, B.A., Williams, D.R. and Roggenbuck, J.W., 2009)

Although camping with family sounds chill and not so adventurous, you should still try to go once with your family to get the experience of it, and then again, it is an excellent way to bond with your family.