Published on 07 December 2021

How Do We Recognize If a Person Is Happy?

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Happiness is a very subjective matter, it depends from person to person. But you know when someone is happy and you know when someone is sad when someone is happy they don't stop smiling. From their smiley wrinkles to their optimism; everything screams radiant and positive. But how do you truly know if someone’s happy or not? (Ekman, P. and Friesen, W.V., 1982)

Here Are Signs To Know If You Are Really Happy Or Not:

  • Small stuff does not bother you anymore

There used to be a time when you used to have an emotional breakdown even for the slightest of things, but now suddenly the sun’s bright and small types of inconveniences in life do not bother you or trigger you anymore.

  • You have start to build healthy relations with people

When people are usually sad or frustrated they tend to form a lot of codependent toxic relationships, but now you don't tend to form a toxic dependency on people and now you are only approaching people who tend to upgrade your positivity instead of degrading it.

  • You are able to cope up with stress

People who are frustrated and unhappy in general tend to lack stress management skills but the minute you start getting optimistic and start being happy that’s when you will be able to develop healthy stress management skills, now you are able to cope up with stress and manage it efficiently.

  • You have a specific goal in life

Goals are not only specifically for a good career life, it is also important to have goals for every aspect of life. From your career to the daily tasks you have to complete. When you start being radiant and optimistic you will see yourself being very ambitious for everything.

  • You tend to be less annoyed at everything

When a person is sad or frustrated, they tend to get very annoyed at everything. But once you are happy and joyful, things start to seem very easy for you which doesn't make you feel frustrated at all.

  • You are always full of energy

A happy person is a healthy person as well. Happiness increases the adrenaline rush in our body which makes us feel cheerful and active while being sad makes us tired, being happy makes us feel energetic throughout the day and you are able to do ten things a day without getting tired.

Our mental health affects us physically as well, if we are depressed or anxious we can feel ourselves getting exhausted but when we are happy and excited we tend to dance around the room even after a very tiring day.

  • You are more optimistic

Sadness makes us think negatively about everything, but when you start being happy you tend to get very radiant and positive about everything. The instant serotonin release in our body makes us look bright and happy.

Be Happy.

Again, happiness is a very subjective emotion but at the same time when someone is happy it can clearly be predicted. The effects of happiness on a person are the same even though their reasons might be different.

For some people; materialistic things bring happiness while for others it’s the non-materialistic things that matter. Happiness, in general, is a positive emotion and it has an amazing effect on our physical activity and physical health as well. So the main goal should be to become more and happier because happiness leads to smiling continuously and smiling continuously makes us look bright and pretty all the time(Tanzer, M., Shahar, G. and Avidan, G., 2013).