Trazodone is a tricyclic antidepressant specifically prescribed to treat mental health problems like depression and anxiety; however, doctors also prescribe this medicine to treat sleeping problems like insomnia. It works by increasing a certain chemical inside your brain(serotonin) which improves mood, appetite, energy levels, and also(S.M., 2009) regulates your severe mood swings.

Case Studies:

Study: an efficient Research and study was conducted to ensure the effectiveness of Trazodone within the patients diagnosed with MDD, that is, major depressive disorder.(Fitton, A. and McTavish, D., 1994)

Aim: detecting the constructive outcome of the working of Trazodone for major depressive disorder as compared to venlafaxine.

Method: amongst the total subject of 324, 166 patients were advised to consume Trazodone and 158 with venlafaxine. The primary objective to test the efficiency was through changing the baseline in 17 items Hamilton Depression Rating Scale (HAM-D) at week 8. Efficient scores were procured on week 8 for both of these medications: tramadol 15.4 and venlafaxine 16.4 in the last protocol. 

Results: the results detected that the group of people who used venlafaxine found better out-turn whereas, Trazodone achieved a significant reduction in the 17 items Hamilton Depression Rating Scale (HAM-D). The adverse effect noticed in Trazodone was dizziness, where on the other hand, the group who consumed venlafaxine experienced nausea and headaches.

Conclusion: the study concluded that both these medications are practical and functional for treating major depressive disorder.

Others Than That:

Trazodone is approved by the FDA for treating major depressive disorders. According to the studies, this medication works moderately for disorders like PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder); it raises the respiratory threshold, which is why it is also used to treat panic attack disorders and anxiety.


Side Effects



Kindly consult your specialist before starting the medication/dosage..