By Nasrin Kapadia

B. A. Psychology

03 October 2021
Medically reviewed by
Dhanashree Padhye
MA (Psychology)
Anxiety, Complex Problem With Simple Answers
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A normal day began in her life; she got up and then was ready for work. Okay! Therefore, my dear readers, we need to focus on her health disorder, not on her name or any other aspect. The story progresses as she heads towards the station and catches her daily train with familiar faces so far on her journey.  The cool breeze from the window lashes her face as the train moved at its speed. Suddenly, she had a feeling unexplainable, something missing out, something fearful, and something that she could not express. There was short of breath and an inability to speak, the woman next to her could not understand the entire incident her fellow passenger underwent.

All the passengers besides her witnessed something new. Nobody knew the exact protocol to react to such instances. Luckily, there was a medical student on board the same compartment; she turned out fabulous in handling the entire incident. She understood her complex condition the woman was facing and jumped in for her help. The crowd around was ordered to clear the air around and move away providing a breathing space. The escalated situation was calmed down and the person was thankful towards the student for saving her day.

We might not be lucky at every point of time to have a known person with us. To overcome such situations we need to understand anxiety as an over growing problem and handle those facing it with care. Hoping you are on the same page as us.  Furthermore, to simplify this complexity let us move forward in understanding the gravity of the problem and be a help to someone in need.


Since, readers if you have reached this line, have you ever encountered such a scenario?  Do you remember your loved ones or someone related to you go through such an incident? Do you sometimes feel the same symptoms as the woman? Do not worry; we are going to unclog all questions going on in your mind at this moment. FYI, the woman underwent an anxiety attack. Yes, it is true there is a thing called ‘anxiety attack’ and it exists. A common scenario observed but uncommon to ignore. Anxiety has been a phenomenon observed on the rise in the masses.


Reasons for anxiety are none other than stress, fear, restlessness, constant stigma to perform, and pressure. Though the reasons have been unclear about the exact age of developing anxiety but the measures to tackle anxiety are simple. If you have been going through the above-mentioned symptoms for a long time and have been trying to ignore it, please do not let that thought pass out from your mind. (Johnson, D.G. and Verdicchio, M., 2017)



The thing with exercise is we do not need to make bulging muscles or be a fitness freak. Our main goal over here is to develop a regular regime of simple exercises such as walking, running, stretching, and skipping. You can choose any of the activity to form as a habit and practice it regularly. Regular exercises have shown decreased anxiety levels keeping your mind and body healthy.


It is no time to be yogic here, and attain nirvana by meditating. Meditation has health benefits such as ease of breathing, increased oxygen levels in the body to reduce stress. A daily routine of meditating has proved beneficial in not only anxiety aspects but also entire well-being.


Folks! Do not get your imagination run wild. Resting means to take proper rest everyday such as having a healthy sleeping routine. Engaging one-self in soothing activities that relaxes your mind. Please readers resting is not travelling to a serene place only but being in your comfort zone. Spending quality time with family such as engaging in board games is also a form of relaxation.

Eating Healthy

All, the diet freaks please do not become optimistic this is not those fancy paleo diet or keto things to follow for a few months. Eating healthy means including a regular dosage of fruits, essential vitamins from leafy vegetables, pulses and legumes. A balanced diet intake everyday keeps the stress levels at bay. Diet emphasizes on healthy well- being but also controlling stress inducing anxiety symptoms.

Staying Hydrated

For those, always bragging about drinking water sufficiently in a day to keep yourself hydrated; here is your chance to flaunt after getting an honorable mention. Staying hydrated is essential to keep your stress levels at base. Increased amount of water in the body prevents dehydration causing breathing problems. Increased water intake in the body has proven results of keeping serotonin levels in the brain balanced. Serotonin effects anxiety levels in the body.


After devoting a much of your valuable time reading this useful blog about anxiety, we hope you would inculcate above habits into your daily routine. If somehow you find this difficult, try to make it a habit slowly as the results have proved beneficial to reduce anxiety levels. We hope you have read the entire blog carefully, if you have missed any crucial points, we request you to re-read it or scan through for your specific needs. We understand your time is important and every second counts, so do it for your loved ones to protect them and keep them safe.


If by certain circumstances, you have observed these symptoms in yourself or your family please do not ignore and share this article with them for their health. We have made this attempt for you to cope up with the not so common problem sought in persons of any age. We request you do not ignore any of the symptoms, as the repercussions have been alarming. 


Next time if someone you know or someone you do not know face the same situation we have described in the introduction please give them your hand of help. Use this blog to its fullest capacity. As we know all illness requires care but mental health related, issues require special care. An important note at the end even after following these measures if the symptoms persists, we advise you to get medical help.

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