Adventure Leads To A Healthy Lifestyle

We all watched Bear Grylls and his adventures on national geography, from spanning in the forests of Amazon to diving into several different eccentric places. That kind of adventure is something that is worth the experience. As it is very well quoted by Sue Fitzmaurice, “you must go on adventures travel to find where you truly belong” and hence, let`s make this read full of adventures and know whether adventures can make you healthy. But before that let`s start from scratch. (Fenimore, D., 2007)

Recharging Adventure:

Adventure is the feeling where your heart palpitates out of the exciting yet terrifying experience or makes you feel jittery out of the exhilaration. It makes oneself feel confident for accomplishing the act of bravery and helps one explore themselves passionately. This espousals one to pass-muster their own self and grow more. Adventures give us that adrenaline rush and in turn, help us explore various contrasting destinations. That’s not it, it also helps our mind, body, and soul be robust and rejuvenated.

Hence, everyone needs adventures in life are it is trekking or skydiving, desires to discern the feeling of being thrilled. So, in order to find the titillating aspect of these adventures let`s quest on their different types. 

Types Of Adventure:

Adventures can be of any kind, be it swimming into deep water or jumping off a cliff, in all gives us the mesmerizing experience. Traveling or be it an expedition it always yields our knowledge and gives us a gush of different feelings. And hence, there are several such experiences waiting for us. Let`s now see various types of adventures we can plummet into.


Are you scared of heights? But at the same time are ready to get over it, then skydiving is for you. This sounds deranged but is quite a journey. Launching yourself from an airplane with your parachutes on and looking at the whole lot from a very high altitude, with a gust of wind and an alluring panorama such adrenaline is what will change the fear into an endearment.  Thereafter, skydiving is equivalent to diving into nirvana.


Skydiving is still too terrifying? No worries, let’s notch our elevation down to a walkable yet inclined surface still at a higher altitude and with a magnificent view from the mountain, just by walking up or climbing up along with obstacles that you have to overcome to reach its peak and experience fresh oxygen of the green nature or environment, as well as enabling your body feel alive.  Thus, opt for a trek to keep your health in check.

Scuba Diving.

If not the atmosphere or land you can descend deep into the water, embracing the cold yet chilly feeling looking at the descrying exotic yet obscure aquatic animals and plants, and relishing the scenic beauty along with a breathable oxygen tube. Thus, scuba diving is something that must be on your bucket list.


Other than scuba diving there is another such recreational water sport activity known as rafting, which is basically performed with the help of an inflatable raft to navigate and explore the river. This activity is often implemented on white waters or rough water wherein you would experience an adventurous journey. So, opt for river rafting for a hell of a ride.


Want a rather not so tedious or strenuous experience, then camping is to go, it is done by setting up a tent along with barbeque and bonfire at night with your bosom friends and stargazing. Thus, camp with your champs.

Zip Lining.

Ziplining is such an antic adventure wherein you mobile from one location to another with the mode of a rope, tied up with safety, and launched from a higher platform like a cliff or a hill. Where you can view the topography from above and enjoy the adrenaline.


Paragliding is similar to that of zip lining but with a huge twist. Here you will be launched from a cliff and with a lightweight or free-flying glide and flying in the atmosphere with a scenic view.

These are all the adventures one can indulge in and live in the moment but are these adventures healthy for your lifestyle? Let`s perceive the answer.

Adventures Are Healthy:

Adventure can keep you fit in all aspects

All these recreational activities keep our body and minds engaged and make us feel unwithered hence, let`s see how adventures traveling keep us healthy.

Change In The Environment.

Adventures can vary from exploring sessions traveling to indulging in recreational activities, every one of us has burnout and wants to break from monotonous habits. These adventures, in turn, provide us the peace of mind that we seek and thus, help our mind and body relax keeping us unruffled which keeps our mind and body healthy.

Stronger Immunity.

According to the Japanese stats, people who involve in outdoor travel or activities tend to strengthen their immune systems. This also happens as when we travel or perform any adventure sport it keeps our body moving or engaged and hence, builds our immunity.

Path To Make Us Fit.

 All these recreational activities involve energy and are a jot tedious.  Mountain climbing, trekking, deep water swimming each and every other activity comprehends the movement of our muscles, core, etc. and thus, these activities as performed outside in an open environment gives a touch of nature and thus can keep us fit.

Say Goodbye To Sleepless Nights.

These amusement or adventurous activities take a lot of energy and at the end of the day make us feel drained and in order to regain strength and vitality our body shuts down itself with the deep sleep. Thus if you sleep better your health within all gets better.

Best Mood.

These outdoor activities release adrenaline and give you a serotonin rush which in turn will make you feel gleeful and content without stress and thus keep your body active and recharged.

Thus, in the end, adventures and recreational activities will not only give you several amusing memories but also keep you healthy and active “Adventure Is Worthwhile In Itself” These adventures are essential for us as everybody needs a break. Therefore, be the wanderlust of your lives and explore the world. (Brandt, B. and Murray, C., 2013)

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