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Can We Take Wellbutrin And Prozac Together?
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Wellbutrin and Prozac are antidepressants. Both of these medications are used for the treatment of major depressive disorders and other mental health problems. Wellbutrin and Prozac are widely prescribed for the treatment of depression as an individual medication, but how about using both these medications as a combination?

Yes, Wellbutrin and Prozac can be taken together depending upon the tolerance and medical history of an individual. This combination can be effective and should be taken under proper medical guidance only. (Jin-tang, P., 1995.)

Some similarities between Wellbutrin and Prozac - 
•    Both are drugs that target neurotransmitters. 
•    Both aim to improve mood.
•    Both are commonly prescribed for depression. 
•    Both take around eight weeks to show full results. 

Some differences between Wellbutrin and Prozac -
•    Wellbutrin commonly increases Anxiety, so it is not a good choice in patients with predominant Anxiety. On the other hand, Prozac is primarily prescribed to treat MDD, bulimia nervosa, OCD, panic disorder, and PMDD.
•    Wellbutrin is an Aminoketone and Prozac is a Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor. 

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Taking Wellbutrin And Prozac Together?

Wellbutrin and Prozac are widely prescribed antidepressants. Both medications have the same antidepressant effect on the body, but the working of both these medications is different. Wellbutrin and Prozac can be taken together as a combination medication during the treatment of depression. This combination can help to lower the symptoms associated with major depressive disorder and be more effective. This combination can be more effective than individual medication in some conditions.

While taking any medication in the form of a combination, it is necessary to consult the medical practitioner to reduce the risk of adverse effects.

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How Efficient Is The Combination Of Wellbutrin And Prozac?

Both Wellbutrin and Prozac affect the chemicals norepinephrine and serotonin, which have a major impact on the treatment of depression. Thus, this combination can be more effective than individual medication with less severe symptoms in some cases. Wellbutrin is widely used with other SSRIs and SNRIs as a combination medication for the treatment of depression. Using an antidepressant along with SSRI and SNRI can reduce the sexual adverse side effects.

· A study was conducted to observe the effect of Wellbutrin and Prozac on individuals suffering from depression and alcoholism with past suicide attempt history.

· The total number of patients observed was 42 and were given 6 months of Wellbutrin and 6 months of Prozac. 

· The primary outcome measure was to check the suicide events or an attempt during the trial.

· Wellbutrin and Prozac were seen effective against depression and alcoholism as the suicide events or suicide attempts were reduced and lowered.

· Also, the alcohol relapse prevention was better which helped them tackle the side effects.

Thus, it was observed that Wellbutrin and Prozac can be efficient for the treatment of major depressive disorder and alcoholism.(McKay, G. and Baker, G.B., 2002)

Wellbutrin and Prozac together

Side Effects Of Using Wellbutrin And Prozac Together:

Common side effects of using Wellbutrin and Prozac are:

This combination can also lead to seizures and an increase of Fluoxetine level in blood in some cases. This combination may also lead to various severe side effects, which can be fatal. Using this combination medication can also lead to addiction, similar to most of the other antidepressants. This combination can have a negative impact on the health if the person has a history of seizures and alcohol addiction.


The efficacy of using Wellbutrin and Prozac together entirely depends upon an individual's treatment, response, and medical history. Using combination therapy is not a bad idea because this method is widely used in many health conditions and has proven effective. But all other aspects such as drug interactions and the medical history of an individual should be considered. 

As discussed earlier, taking Wellbutrin and Prozac together can be effective for some people while it can negatively impact some cases.

It is better to consult a medical practitioner or doctor before taking such a combination medication in order to eliminate the risk associated with it.(Kennedy, S.H., McCann, S.M., Masellis, M., McIntyre, R.S., Raskin, J., McKay, G. and Baker, G.B., 2002.)

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