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Is Mixing Trazodone And Alcohol Dangerous?
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Trazodone is a medication used to treat depression. It may help improve mood swings, appetite, and energy levels and decrease anxiety and depression. Trazodone helps restore serotonin the natural chemical balance in the brain.

Trazodone is in a class of medication called serotonin modulators. It helps in increasing the amount of serotonin, a natural chemical substance in the brain that helps maintain mental balance. you can buy trazodone online but it is always recommended to get advice from your doctor. (Mrazek, D., 2011).

Brand Names Of Trazodone

  • TrazalonTrazonil
  • Trittico
  • Depryl 25
  • Tazodac
  • Trazaril
  • Traze
  • Trazodep
  • Trazolite
  • Zopotol 

Who Can Take Trazodone?

Trazodone can be taken by adults over the age of 18 for depression and anxiety or both. It is advisable to take the doctor’s advice before starting to take Trazodone. The reason being;

  • Having any allergic reaction to trazodone or any other medicine of its class.
  • Having suicidal tendency or self harming.
  • Having heart related problem or kidney or liver problem.
  • Taking sleeping pills.
  • Having epilepsy or having electroconvulsive treatment
  • Are pregnant or trying to become pregnant or breast feeding.
  • Have rare diseases porphyria or phaeochromocytoma.

In case you are suffering from diabetes, trazodone can increase your blood sugar level. Monitor your blood sugar level more frequently for the first few weeks of treatment with trazodone and adjust your diabetes treatment accordingly. Consult your doctor if your blood sugar level is a concern.   

How And When To Take Trazodone?

A doctor may prescribe a single dose of trazodone in a day. It is generally prescribed to take after food and at bedtime. Trazodone can make you feel sleepy taking it at bedtime may help you sleep. Your doctor may prescribe to split the dosage if you have a larger dosage. It is advisable to take trazodone after your meal to avoid feeling sick.

Dosage (Tablets)

  • 50 mg
  • 100 mg
  • 150 mg
  • 300 mg

Dosage Consideration

  • Initially, 150 mg/day orally divided in 8/12 hours
  • Increase by 50 mg/day every 3-7 days

Side Effects Of Trazodone

Inform your doctor if any such side effects bother you

  • Feeling sleepy or tired
  • Headaches
  • Feeling sick
  • Constipation
  • A dry mouth

Some Serious Side Effects

  • A long-lasting and painful erection that lasts for more than 4 hours, even though you are not having sex.
  • Abnormal heartbeats
  • A seizure

Call Your Doctor Immediately

  • Yellow skin or whites of your eyes turn yellow
  • Suicidal tendency
  • Severe constipation or having a problem with pee or stomach pain.
  • More bruising than usual
  • Sore throat or skin infection

In rare cases, it’s possible to have a serious allergic reaction to trazodone.

How To Cope With Side Effects?

  • Feeling sleepy or tired : Cut down your amount of alcohol intake when you start taking trazodone. This problem may reduce after a few days, as your body becomes habitual to the medicine.
  • Headaches : You should increase your fluid intake. Alcohol intake should be reduced. If it's last longer than a week or are severe, talk to your doctor.
  • Feeling sick: It is advisable to take trazodone after food. Avoid spicy or rich food.
  • Constipation : Eat more high-fiber foods, such as fruits and vegetables and cereals. Try to drink several glasses of water. Some exercise may also help.
  • A dry mouth: Chew sugar-free gum or sugar free sweets.

Study of Trazodone and alcohol relapse

Trazodone is one of the most commonly prescribed medications in patients with sleep disturbances in alcoholic addiction. A recent study concluded that treating insomnia with trazodone in patients with alcohol dependence might delay improvements in alcohol consumption and also lead to increased drinking when trazodone is stopped.

Until further studies have established benefits and safety, routine initiation of trazodone for sleep disturbance cannot be recommended with confidence during the period after detoxification from alcoholism.  Hence, mixing trazodone with alcohol can increase levels of intoxication, resulting in extreme drowsiness and increasing the risk of overdose and death when either is taken in excessive amount. Long-term use of both substances can lead to physical dependence and withdrawal. (Davis, M.P., 2007)

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